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Mourinho happy in Madrid

SkySports- Real Madrid head coach Jose Mourinho has hit back of reports that he is on the verge of quitting the club by stating he is 'happy in Madrid'.

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buddymagoo3900d ago

If the press get off his back I can see him staying for a long time.

Infernostew3900d ago

I don't think so. Look at his track record, he has never stayed with a club more than 3-4 years.

HxCGamer3899d ago

didn't you just say like a couple days ago that you were positive he was leaving in june...

It might have not been you but i thought it was.

buddymagoo3899d ago

I said "I could see him calling it a day" because of the press and the feud with players. If he gets through it then he could stay for a long time.

kane_lfc3899d ago

If he wins the league this season, he will definitely stay.

iDived_uMad3899d ago

barca has already won 3 la liga titles since maurhino i think anything less the trophy this year for madrid will be disaster and he will get axed, wrong manager for the wrong club, i can see why chelsea and inter got him, those teams are very physical or use to be, real madrid style is not j.m style of football/.

he'll get sacked! just like villaz boast next september

chelsea fan

HxCGamer3899d ago

actually it has been 1... before you speak about football you should probably follow it.

iDived_uMad3896d ago

that doesn't change the fact that madrid with all the stars can't even beat a bored barca team is just spolied!

the only team in europe that can handle barca is CHELSEA! NOBODY FKN DOES IT LIKE THE BLUES FK OFF LA LIGA