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Why Barca bosses said no to Jose

JOSE MOURINHO would be Barcelona boss — but for his arrogance, aggression and failure to listen.

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Corepred43899d ago

Reasons why I'm glad we have him. He might not be succeeding against Barca but I really like Mourinho as a manager. Say what you want about him.

Ninjamonkey823899d ago

Hes a self conceded prat tbh.

Nes_Daze3899d ago

He's a foul stench in football, but he is one hell of a manager. He just needs to stop being so sensitive about the media, the media will always bash the guy who they can profit from. He needs to understand this and grow up a bit.

kane_lfc3899d ago

Hes ARGUABLY the best manager of the last 20 years...went to Inter and won the league in his 1st season and then in his 2nd season he won them the CL for the 1st time in 50 years.