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Highlights: Barcelona 2-2 Real Madrid (Agg 4-3) (Copa Del Rey - 25/01/12)

1-0 Pedro 43'
2-0 Alves 45
2-1 Ronaldo 68'
2-2 Benzema 72'

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danikagrace3903d ago

Soft sending off for Ramos

buddymagoo3903d ago

Have to say Madrid deserved the win.

Nes_Daze3903d ago

LOL deserved the win? They missed so many clear shots at goal, there about two fouls that could've favored either team, and Madrid was outplayed in the first half by just a small bit. It was a good game, and I would say Madrid played better except until the end when they lost focus and started fouling.

HxCGamer3903d ago

I am so sad... i cannot believe the chances we missed, we were so unlucky =/

hopefully now mourinho will play like this in the next clasico

oli3903d ago

no they didn't. I love Madrid, but that's the difference between barca and real, give barca those opportunities and they'll make em. In the end i loved how they played, but if you can play like that at Nou, why not also play like that in Bernabeu?

Anderson83902d ago

they definitely did.. i think benzema should have started ahead of higuain his finishing seems alot better these days... would have been nice if ozils effort went in aswell

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buddymagoo3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

That's why they deserved the win becaue they created so many chances. They were just a little unlucky.

Come on Gloomey you saying Barca deserved a win here?? A draw probably was a fair result with Madrid just edging it.

Nes_Daze3903d ago

Oh no Barca did not deserve to win. Madrid was in part unlucky and inaccurate, but it was more inaccuracy that anything. You can create all the chances you want but if you don't score chances are the other team will.

Besides, I think Madrid completely outplayed barca in the second half, but they lost focus with the fouls.

krazykombatant3903d ago


If they only had tied at home....

HxCGamer3903d ago

we were just so unlucky...
Higuain had several misses, plus ozil's miss that would have been a goal from an outrageous distance... and to top it all of friggen dani alves just shoots a ridiculous goal that was probably accidental.

krazykombatant3903d ago

I think we have officially closed the gap now. Its down to luck and taking opportunities of our chances from now on. I think the team should be proud but still. Sucks to lose through aggregate.

Now all we have to do is focus on La liga and the champions.

lugia 40003903d ago

The referee kinda sucked -_-

buddymagoo3903d ago

I thought that too! Very happy to give free kicks to Barca.

danikagrace3903d ago

Yeah, still exciting game to watch though

Nes_Daze3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

Real Madrid hasn't played like this in a while, they should have their heads up instead of complaining to the ref because little would having a different ref change anything. Dani Alves scored one hell of a goal, Messi's pass was accurate as well as Pedro's finishing.

In the second half Barca slept and paid a price, but once again Barca was MORE accurate and took advantage of their opportunities better than Madrid.

Karim Benzema had a stunning impact on the game, perhaps this was Mourniho's only mistake.

imtiyaz63903d ago

Higuain shoudn't have started... Benzema would've easily taken full advantage of those chances.

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The story is too old to be commented.