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Mancini unhappy with decisions

Roberto Mancini was left to bemoan a couple of refereeing calls that went against Manchester City after seeing Liverpool go through to the Carling Cup final.

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freeduck3774d ago

Liverpool had 13 shots on target, deserved the win so stop complaining. move on and focus on the league and EL.

kulka3773d ago

Liverpool dominated deserved their victory

FlashXIII3773d ago

He's just mad because Bellamy got the last laugh on him.

mcstorm3773d ago

Im sick of him moaning when his teams gets beat. He needs to say well we got away with it at weekend against Spers but today was pay back for that.

At the end of the Day City were out played by Liverpool and they did not deserve to get through as Liverpool were the better team.

I really do think things are starting to get to this guy now he is out of 3 cups already and are getting lucky in the league now so I think its a matter of time before city start to have a run of bad results.

KingPin3772d ago

this guy is annoying me now.

when his side wins -> Man city is now the best in europe. compare us with barca, real, MUFC, juve - etc.

when his side loses -> ref was piss poor. he never gave us free kicks/penalties for our dives. or the ref never send off a player from the opposing team coz we cant beat 11 players.

its annoying. he should deal with it already. whats worse, the idiot spends 250million and now claims his side is hit heavy by injuries? really? GTFO!!