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'A donkey with small ears & glasses is still a donkey' - Spokesperson of Jose Mourinho

Eladio Parames, the spokesman of Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, has hit out at Barcelona defender Dani Alves in the wake of last Wednesday's 2-2 Copa del Rey quarter-final draw at Camp Nou - with the Catalans winning 4-3 on aggregate.

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Nes_Daze4410d ago

Madrid needs a more mature staff, one that thinks about their next improvement rather than their next excuse.

I swear most of what comes out of Mourniho's mouth is pathetic and this spokesperson is only worse. Did the ref make you guys lose 2-1 at Bernabeu? How about the 5-0 some time ago? What happened with Levante at the start of the season, did the refs do that too? The ref did not make some calls for either side, and then Madrid wants to get mad because he stopped the game exactly at the 93rd minute. LOL