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20 Most Thuggish Fan Bases in World Football

BR - Football is known as the sport around the world with the most violent fans around. Whether be organized hooliganism to random acts of thuggery and violence in many cases it has been proven as the truth.

Webster's Dictionary defines with word thug as; a brutal ruffian or assassin. While the second part of the definition is taking it to the extreme in our current discussion, brutal ruffian definitely is much more in the ballpark.

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HxCGamer3896d ago

I lived in peru for like 5 years and went to a universitario de deportes vs alianza lima...

shit gets crazy...

kane_lfc3896d ago

I laughed when I saw match doesn't make there fans hooligans. They did receive an award for there behavior in the UEFA cup final from UEFA when they got beat by Feyendoor.

buddymagoo3896d ago

Rangers are much worse do you remember what their fans did to Manchester.

XboxInnovation3895d ago

That list is terrible. How do you not have any fans from Argentina in there but you have Aston Villa? hahahaha If you're gonna have any English fans in there, Leeds should be number one.