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Downing in bargain bin

Liverpool's American chairman Tom Werner first admired Stewart Downing after seeing this video of the winger kicking ball into bins at Aston Villa's training ground.

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Sahil3894d ago

Where is THIS downing!

Improving, and long may it continue.

buddymagoo3894d ago

Sorry to tell you but it is a fake. It says in the article.

kulka3894d ago

If he really was as accurate as in this video we would be in the top four by now

buddymagoo3894d ago

I think he just needs time to settle in. I think he will be a good player for Liverpool regardless of his stats.

Mozilla893893d ago

So Liverpool base their transfer policy off YouTube videos? I guess it would save money on scouting..

Gamer19823893d ago

Yeah so says latest rumours but its probably BS. As for the video that was amazing what he did but hes never done a cross like that for Liverpool on the pitch. Why? The difference is he has time and space for that in a match he does not. Meaning he cannot hit the target under pressure.