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Shut it, Hansen! Ferguson hits out at old foe after latest jibe at Man United

Sir Alex Ferguson has launched a stinging attack on Alan Hansen and predicted the former Liverpool defender will end up looking silly for claiming Manchester United had not played well for 18 months.

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KingPin3899d ago

lol this is actually more like an indirect diss at man city if you ask me.

MUFC have not played well for 18 months, but are still on same points at the top of the table with a club that spent 250 million on players and are supposedly playing well.

so if MC is playing well and are equal on points with MUFC who play rubbish lol how bad would MC look if MUFC actually played well. think about it.

funny thing this, a former liverpool player claiming MUFC is not playing well for 18 months. for the last 18+ years Liverpool been playing crap to have never won the EPL.

buddymagoo3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

I hate watching Hansen on Match the Day. He loves to rub it in to us and never has a kind word to say unless it is followed by a little dig.

And for 250m to be spent in such a short period of time City should be challenging Real Madrid.

Gamer19823898d ago

What's this got to do with City? Your obsessed with us! You couldn't help but bring our name into it even though this article is nothing to do with City.

buddymagoo3898d ago

If you read the article you would know, jeez!