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Highlights: Manchester United 2-0 Stoke City (English Premier League - 31/01/2012)

1-0 Hernandez 38' (Penalty)
2-0 Berbatov 53' (Penalty)

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buddymagoo4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

Chicharito! Pogba was immense. Joint top, go on Gibbo!

Anderson84019d ago

first time he's shown his class in a first team game.. i hope we hold on to him and morrison

buddymagoo4019d ago

It was his Premier League debut.

ProjectVulcan4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

Morrison has already been sold to West Ham. He might have claimed its not about money, but the terms of his contract on performance based bonuses seem to say if West Ham return to the premier league he would end up on 65k a week. He knows this is likely given West Ham's position, and so his eyes must have been gleaming seeing that huge payday from next season. Thats up to him, but its pure greed for him to leave United for potentially bigger short term gains at West ham lets face it.

Pogba tonight seemed very eager to play, impressive and happy grinning away after his role in some of the attacks tonight. He is someone that really United need to tie down because he CAN break into the first team within a couple years, Scholes and Giggs will both be gone sooner rather than later....

All Pogba needs is to agree to another contract and within 2 years i would bet he would get more and more apps if he keeps playing like he did tonight.

Anderson84019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

i know he's played in a few cup games though

kane_lfc4018d ago

You cant just throw Pogba into the 1st team or he will become like Theo Walcott as in rubbish...he is only 18 and he needs another 1-2 years in the reserves atleast.

Anderson84018d ago

i dont think age has got anything to do with walcott... look at wilshire, ramsey, fabregas, ronaldo.. all had first team football around 18 and turned out class.. walcott is a striker being played out wide thats why his form is so inconsistent hes not in his preffered role

KingPin4019d ago

United played well.

deserved the win. with man city losing this really opens the door for us.

well played, great come back from the boys following the weekends result.

kane_lfc4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

2 shots on target all game.. Both of which were penalties.

Nice dive from Park there...


LMAO! Is this account really necessary?

buddymagoo4019d ago

I think that is because about a dozen shots were blocked by stoke players.

ProjectVulcan4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

You probably didn't see the game. United were good money for their win and 2 penalties were the least amount deserved. It could have been more with Huth's hand fumbling a cross away- not to mention the stonewaller on Evra. These were well earned with endless clever play in and around Stoke's box drawing fouls, sustained pressure. Stoke are not exactly known for their stylish defending, if you play the ball about around them you are gonna get barged and fouled and thats exactly what happened so they can only blame themselves.

Stoke offered virtually nothing going forward and took nearly an hour to get anything on goal, which was a tame header down. By that time United had done more than enough for this deserved victory.

KingPin4018d ago

kane, your total lack of footballing knowledge can only lead me to put you on my ignore list.

congrats idiot.

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dcortz20274019d ago

Nice to see Chicharito scoring again, We are back Manchester City!

buddymagoo4018d ago

We never went away!