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Highlights: Everton FC 1-0 Manchester City (English Premier League - 31/01/2012)

1-0 Gibson 60'

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Anderson83757d ago

best goal of gibsons united career i'd say

buddymagoo3757d ago

Darren Gibson you beauty!

kulka3757d ago

When is the african cup of nations over ? city are struggling wothout Toure

ProjectVulcan3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Ivory Coast have a game on the 4th, a knockout. From this point on it probably depends how far they can go. The earliest he could be back is the Villa game on the 12th of February. However they are favourites to reach the final and win outright in which case would keep the Toures unavailable for City for another two league games.

City just have not looked the same since Boxing day and the 0-0 draw with West Brom, a game Yaya Toure played in.

Their form has been poor, the 8 games since that draw has seen them win 3, draw 1, and lose 4!

Of course Manchester United have a huge few weeks ahead, first Chelsea away, Liverpool at home, the two Ajax legs and then on the 4th of March Spurs away.

If United are still in touch after that game, then i can see them taking the title. Their run in after looks excellent, apart from the showdown at the Etihad...

kulka3756d ago

Thanks for the info :)


Gibson is now a United legend.

sokrates3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

TY Everton! United one step closer:) thanks to our x-old trackpad fellow:!

dcortz20273757d ago

Always United, great goal by Darren Gibson!

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