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'We've shown we can compete with the best' - Dirk Kuyt

Following an incisive win over Wolves, Dutch winger calls for focus from the Anfield outfit in the hope that teams above them continue to falter and the Reds can climb the table.

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KingPin3766d ago

no Dirk, what you shown is that when it comes time to play big teams you decide to play soccer. when you play smaller teams, well, you faff on field. to compete with the big teams you have to have consistency throughout the season.

NewMonday3765d ago

thought it was going to be "one of those days" after dominating the 1st half with no goal. but credit to them they continued in the 2nd.

Bellamy MOTM
Carroll with another improved productive game
Kyut back to being Kyut
Suarez back next game
Gerard back after a rest

things are looking up

buddymagoo3765d ago

They forget we had Smalling and Evans at the back with a young keeper and Rafael just come back from injury and also Evra being booed for being racially abused. Not really what I would call a solid defence.

NewMonday3765d ago

i use this line when Suarez gets booed in OT

buddymagoo3765d ago

Use it! Suarez committed an offence and should rightfully get boos.

You can't tell me you don't see that booing a person for being racially abused is ok???

It completely undermines anti racism campaigns in football.

You report racist behaviour, you get booed by fans. surely this is not right.

kane_lfc3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Pepe Reina to Carrol...Carroll to dirk...2-1!!!1 United are going out of the fa cup!!!!!!!!!!!!

A young keeper who cost £20mil...

Gerrard gets booed every time hes on the f*cking ball by 90% of PL does Bellamy...

NUFC 3-0 MUFC, MUFC 2-3 Blackburn, MUFC 1-6 MCFC

@Newmonday Suarez wont get booed at OT, its like a library there ;)

@Buddymagoo f*ck of with your gay little shouts, makes you look like a pure d*ckhead!

buddymagoo3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Keep it coming, your passion is what drives us!

Enjoy hating on us while we keep winning leagues.

YNWA= You'll never win anything.


kane_lfc3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

You didn't win a league for 26 years until the PL started.

We will win something...pretty much guaranteed the carling cup and we have a great chance of winning the fa cup.

Remember football did exist before the 90s...but not for united who where silent for like 30 years.


No way you will win anything this year, out of all the domestic cups bar the prem and Man city will win the prem...I love the way when city get beat 1-0 you go ''Oh it must be a crisis'' but when united lose 3-0 to Newcastle or 3-2 to Blackburn ''Its alright we played good blah blah blah''

danikagrace3765d ago

Even with those slip ups and so many injuries we are 2nd in the league, separated by goal difference only. I'm happy with that.

@Kane launching psycho attacks on members makes you look a hell of a lot worse than people expressing their opinions on football related topics.

ProjectVulcan3765d ago

Still with the Suarez thing. Get over it already. Your club dealt with it terribly and look all the more stupid and disgusting for it to everyone on the outside. This kind of behaviour does nothing to repair that.

All credit to Chelsea for being smart and professional and keeping their mouths shut with the John Terry deely. Absolutely none for Liverpool or their fans for being just constantly pathetic no doubt months and years later....

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