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Fergie hopeful on Pogba

Sir Alex Ferguson remains confident that highly-rated midfielder Paul Pogba will pen a contract extension at Manchester United.

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buddymagoo3892d ago

Hope he can a few more games now. He has the work ethic unlike Morrison which is why I think he left.


Morrison left because he had to leave Manchester. I honestly felt that guy was heading to jail sooner or later with all his problems off the field. I don't know the full story behind this transfer but it sounds the people Morrison was hanging out with in Denton were leeching off him and 'influencing' his behavior off the field.

SAF on Ravel Morrison: "He is better out of Manchester and it was an easy decision to let him go. Sam will look after him in London."

I guess it makes sense why he had to leave because I never understood this transfer in the beginning, he was a top player who Fergie even described as one of the best he's ever had at that age and Morrison himself said he wanted to stay at United.

It's kinda sad because I was looking forward to seeing him get more first team opportunities this year. Oh well, If he stays out of trouble, there's no doubt he'll become a great player. Here's hoping we tie Pogba down as soon as possible.

buddymagoo3892d ago

He was missing training sessions as well. Just didn't have what it takes to cut it at the top. A shame really.

kane_lfc3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

@Vulcanproject Beckham couldnt even beat a player and hes possibly the most overrated midfielder of all time, Scholes couldnt tackle and Giggs was good but hes not as versatile as Gerrard who can play everywhere in midfield and lead a pretty awful team to winning the CL in 2005.

LFC where near to going into administration last year and havent had alot of funding for along time and where currently rebuilding and as the owner said it will take upto 5 years.

Spearing is only 1 year older by the way.

If Cleverly goes to the euros, then that will just show how incredibly biased Capello really is...I mean he has done nothing this season and hes always injured. Showed no signs of world class.

Chelsea and more teams where after Gerrard when he was 23...

Jack Wilshire is showing signs of world class at only 18...he will succeed...Cleverly who is already 22 wont.

Computersaysno3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

Gerrard is never going to be held in the same regard as giggs or scholes. He is a great player an all but just not as good as those other two. You can see he has faded quite a way from his best after his injury troubles and will be 32 in a few months. He has like 2 or 3 years tops left at this level. Everyone chased giggs and scholes and beckham. Dont see what that matters. Zidane and Iniesta and Xavi all recognised how brilliant scholes is. He is up there with them, gerrard aint.

Liverpool fans seem to love excuses for the constant failings of the club and its players who they rate so high. spearing is cack why bang on about him then switch to wilshere? Wilshere is a very exciting talent and spearing should not be mentioned together with cleverley or wilshere. You dont know a lot about football if u think wilshere is 18 either, he is 20! Cleverley is nearly 18 months younger than spearing.

All this constant bullshoit about bias n that to excuse spearings complete lack of international experience. Just face up to the fact he wouldnt go becos he just aint good enough. Delusions looking for excuses and reasons

badz1493891d ago

"I mean he has done nothing this season and hes always injured."

he plays well and inspired United midfield when he was on. always injured you say? how can you blame him when the douchebag Davies broke his legs with 1 dirty blow and not to forget, early in the season?

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ProjectVulcan3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

I have to admit Pogba looked pretty comfortable and useful against Stoke which is no mean feat. Stoke might not be the highest class opponent in the league but they are almost certainly the roughest when it comes to that side of the english game and Pogba stood up strong, and imposed his presence on the game.

Deffo one for the future.

kane_lfc3891d ago

I remember when Diouf, Obertan and Bebeb where for the feature...

buddymagoo3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

Do you also remember Welbeck, Cleverly, Rafael, Nani, Brown, O'Shea, Evans, Fletcher, Giggs, Beckham, Scholes, Butt, Neville...

CHAMP19NS! You'll Never Win Anything!

ProjectVulcan3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

I never rated Diouf, Obertan or Bebe just so you know.

Pogba however, i do rate. He looks the real deal from the second he stepped on the field against Stoke. None of the ones you mentioned did.

kane_lfc3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

Rafael...never came from your academy and hes fucking shit, neither did Nani, Evans, Evans is shit as even Flanagan is better than him and Cleverly aint proven yet and even Spearing is better than him and neither is Welbeck.

Obertan was known as the next Thiery Henry...

Pogba couldn't of done that good if all your shots on target where 2 penalties.

We will win more than you this season.

ProjectVulcan3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

Not another Liverpool fan who thinks all his squad is better than Manchester United's with utterly nothing to show for it.

United are the FA youth cup champions, and have won it much more than anyone else, not to mention reaching the final and being runners up more times then Liverpool have ever won it outright the past 60 years.

Liverpool's youth system has never ever been a match for United's especially in the past 20 years. Even Gerard Pique and Guiseppe Rossi spent several years in the youth system at Old Trafford. Not to mention the obvious names, or the countless players that didn't quite make the high grade for United but still ply their trade at the top level with other clubs.

I think i will pass then on the lectures about young player development from a Liverpool fan.....

buddymagoo3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

Neither did Obertan, Bebe or Diouf you moron! Who you brought up, lol. You are just deluded.

Wellbeck has scored twice as many goals as a man that you paid 35m for (Carroll) and more than Suarez with the same amount of appearances.

Flanegan can't even get a game for a team that is 6th in the league. While Evans has had 7 clean sheets for a team that is 2nd.

And Spearing isn't fit to lace Cleverleys boots! Everyone other than you has recognized the quality this boy has. Which has been shown when he came on in the second half of the charity shield to beat City from 2-0 down and the 8-2 demolition of Arsenal.

Kane, go home and do your homework son.

kane_lfc3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

Id say United and Liverpool have both equally produced as many good youth players in the past few years...nothing compared to the likes of Ajax.

Pogba isnt even a regular in the Frances u18s squad.

Doesn't matter what your youth team wins, the academy is also about producing players.

Cleverly wont make it, he is already nearing 23 and at that age Gerrard was captaining Liverpool.

Spearing is alot better with his composure and tackling.

Flanagan is only 18 and you need to watch the video of him on his 1st team debut vs CITY.

Welbeck might have scored a few but he is selfish and he has showed no signs of being world class.

ProjectVulcan3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

Why compare Gerrard to Cleverley? Cleverley is only 22. If Gerrard is your best product the past 20 years then he is no match for Giggs or Scholes or even Beckham who has shown how good he is in other leagues.

Manchester United rarely rush teenagers into the first team setup, because they usually have class established players. No wonder Gerrard made it into Liverpool's team and was made captain at such a young age, the team he was made captain of in 2003 was pretty poor....

You could deny this but there is a reason Liverpool have not won a title in over 20 years and that is because Manchester United have produced the goods from their youth sides and Liverpool simply haven't, or the players that have come out of it were never really quite good enough.

I am mostly unimpressed with Liverpool's current squad and their current crop of youngsters.

Spearing is actually OLDER than Cleverley and is just not as good, and still hasn't even got a first team place in this mediocre Liverpool side struggling to get into the top 5. Phenomenal talent i spose? Where is his record in the England youth setup compared to Cleverleys? Where are his fabulous loan season performances? What more do you need to know??????

Cleverley returns to fitness this month, if he has a good run in after shaking off his injury, its a decent bet he might go to Euro 2012. Spearing has no hope.

Liverpool always massively overrate their squad and players, even when it is fairly obvious they are struggling. Liverpool fans often also underrate United players, who end up collecting a crap load of major medals. What else does that tell you?

Computersaysno3891d ago

Whats so fantastic bout spearing. I always hear liverpool fans banging on about him but he has nowt to show for this hyping bar a couple of youtube highlight vids for the good few seconds he has managed to do in the 4 years he has been at the club.

He cant even get into the first team and he is 24 this year. Come back to reality!

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Pogba did do well against Stoke, have a look for yourself

Yes we know its only Stoke but for an 18 year old, he produced a good performance for the 20 mins he was on for. So yeah we're excited, problem?

Kos-Mos3890d ago

That`s it. Kan is now on my ignore list because I don`t want to read more crap from him. If he`d only understood football it could be interesting to discuss...

ZizouZidane103890d ago

I have watched Cleverly a few times and he hasn't looked anything what Man United fans are making him to look like and its not like he is going to be like Jack Wilshire as Cleverly is already 22, he wouldn't get onto are bench and he will be at Sunderland in 2-3 years time.