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Why Manchester City Needs Tevez Back as Edin Dzeko Fails to Deliver

The goal scoring machines, the formidable and most dreaded team who dominated the entire first half of the English premier league have suddenly failed to build upon the pressure of being league leaders. Finding the back of the net have automatically become a nightmare; something to give the fans a bit of hearbreak.

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buddymagoo3755d ago

Never mind his attitude, Tevez could win City the league.

Mozilla893755d ago

I feel he single-handedly took City into the CL last season. The guy's a terrific player, too bad he can't stay at one club too long.

HxCGamer3755d ago

absolutely agree
tevez is magnificent.

Man City has been fining him like crazy after the bayern incident though, so i don't know how motivated he will be.

buddymagoo3755d ago

I think you lot should be buying him to be honest. Would be a great signing. He was fantastic with Ronaldo at Man Utd why shouldn't he be at Real.

HxCGamer3754d ago

haha real madrid wouldnt buy him because our two main strikers are younger and look brighter... also they are not rebellious.

If tevez wasn't notorious for being trouble i would be fine with it though, he is a great player

iDived_uMad3755d ago

it would be great if he wins the city the league for city, i wish chelsea would have made bid for him, maybe a torres swap? never going happen know surely milan will land him in the summer.

come on mancini give him a game!