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United risk losing starlet

Sky Sports understands Manchester United starlet Ezekiel Fryers is stalling over a new deal at Old Trafford.

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buddymagoo3897d ago

He's been offered £1,500 a week. In business you always turn down the first offer with the intention of accepting the second. Hope he stays.

GanjaMan3896d ago

So thats now two future hot prospects out, hopefully paul pogba follows and joins arsenal where he will get way more first team football than he is getting now, pogba and wilshere duo would be class.

guigsy3896d ago

Sounds like we have a few young players getting a bit big for their boots. How Morrison thinks that moving to West Ham will improve his career development is beyond me. If these players want to go then let them go, leaving United will always be a step down in any players career.

buddymagoo3896d ago

Or the media turning fans against our own young players?? He will sign, he has already played a few games. They forced Morrison out they are trying with Pogba and they tried with Wellbeck.

Morrison was a freak case because the guy had issues like missing training, beating up his mother, stealing from players and assaulting his girlfriend.

ZizouZidane103896d ago

How good was Morrison? Never really seen him.

buddymagoo3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

/\ This user is Kane /\ and has no interest in Manchester United other than to troll us.


Don't deny it, Kane shut his account two days ago yours was created today. Your sentence structure is the same and content (trolling man utd)

ZizouZidane103896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )


What are you on about?