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Jose: I’ll manage Chelsea

JOSE MOURINHO is ready to make a spectacular return as Chelsea manager.

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buddymagoo3891d ago

I can see him going back. He loved Chelsea!

freeduck3891d ago

Another lovely piece by The Sun.

A top source close to Mourinho revealed last night: "Jose would go back to Chelsea." Yup, really credible

Another slow day at the office, eh? Why do people still keep posting garbage from this site?

buddymagoo3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

To be fair to the sun it came from Marca. It also gets quite a few of it's stories a day or two early. I guess those are the perks of being the biggest newspaper in Britain.

Mozilla893891d ago

The only way he would come back if he had guaranteed complete control of team affairs.

I actually hope that he doesn't come back to Chelsea. Sure he was a great manager but it's time for the team to move on and put their faith behind AVB. Give him full backing and I'm sure he'll eventually build a winning team.

If he does come to England then he'll probably take over City.