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Terry stripped of captaincy

SkySports- Chelsea defender forced to give up armband.

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buddymagoo4015d ago

I think this was and is the right decision to take all the pressure off for now.

Yi-Long4015d ago

... it was possible to fine and ban Suarez pretty damn quickly and that was over a cultural misunderstanding about the meaning of the word 'negro'.

Only reason I can think off that they'll be handling this case in July, is cause they don't want Terry to get a ban, thus also putting the pressure on the FA to ban him for international games.

buddymagoo4015d ago

The FA handled the Suarez case. The Magistrates' Court is handling the Terry case. Big difference!

Yi-Long4014d ago

... isn't the FA handling this case!?

It was on the football pitch, wasn't it!? Isn't this the exact same thing as the Suarez-Evra incident!?

Ranma14015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

He is guilty. Chelsea is a racist football club.

Its owner is racist, so is its fans and its club and stadium

ProjectVulcan4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

I will leave the court to decide on Terry. I suspect it will not go well for him, but is still the fairly distant future yet.

Whatever happens there, you have to give Chelsea a nod for keeping their dignity about this sordid affair. Liverpool caused far more stir than was necessary by mouthing off, needless comments and actions by the club inflaming the already tense situation.

Chelsea all credit due have kept very quiet about it so far and will hopefully continue to do so until the verdict is delivered whereupon they can make a carefully worded and measured statement.

Anderson84014d ago

they never should have given it back to him

ZizouZidane104014d ago

Terry should just accept a punishment, how the fuck is he going to defend himself when there is a blatant video of him saying it? Plus they wouldn't of took him to court if they didn't think they could prosecute him.

zeddy4015d ago

i hope capello doesnt take him to the euros either. he was one of the best under mourinho but now he is average.

buddymagoo4015d ago

We should follow what the Germans did at the world cup and blood the youth. Smalling and Jones at Centre back with Terry Cahil and Rio on standby.

ZizouZidane104015d ago

Smalling and Jones where awful on there England debuts and I dont see why Capello would throw 2 unexperienced center halfs straight into the deep end unless he wanted to concede at will of course.

buddymagoo4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

Kane I know it's you!

If you know Football you would know that Smalling and jones were incredible at U-21 level together and are the natural successors of Terry and Rio. Any other suggestions, Kane???

@Kane Below
I guess you didn't watch it then! And it was the European Championship.

ZizouZidane104015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

They where actually some of Englands worst players at the U21 world cup along with Henderson and Cleverly...only thing they did was help us win it...Lansbury was the outstanding one though.

I did, thats how I know Lansbury was Englands best player by far in the tournament and Kyle Walker.

Henderson, Cleverly, PJ and Smalling where the worst.

danikagrace4015d ago

Certainly the right decision, in my opinion they should have done it sooner

kulka4014d ago

Gerrard should replace him he should have been the captain from the very start