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We're not as bad as Liverpool

Arsene Wenger tried to rally grumpy Arsenal fans by telling them: At least we're not like Liverpool.

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ZizouZidane103894d ago

Im pretty sure Liverpool are having a better season than Arsenal? Plus when RVP joins us in the summer and Arsenal finish 6th, they will collapse.

krazykombatant3894d ago

hehehehe, now the mudslinging begins.

meehanprime3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

Such a weird comment to make, that's like King Kenny saying that they are in a competition with Arsenal who haven't won the Champions League. I think he's a good manager but no point in making the comment.

kulka3894d ago

This headline is seriously misleading he never said at least we are not as bad as Liverpool he only said tha this league is very hard to win even Liverpool could not win it