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Barca reject RVP talk

Barcelona vice-president Josep Maria Bartomeu has denied the club have held talks with Arsenal over striker Robin van Persie.

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kulka3950d ago

This would be great signing for Barca Van Persie will be in contention for player of the year award he is at least as good as Ronaldo

buddymagoo3950d ago

I don't want him to leave the Premiership even if it means him scoring against my team. The Premiership is better with him.

kulka3950d ago

Agreed but I got this feeling Van Persie will want to win trophies he will have to move from Arsenal I think Barca or real will be his next club but well Wenger will get a worthy replacment Chamberlain is already very good

buddymagoo3950d ago

It would be a shame for him to win no more trophies and he would fit right in with Barca. He should just come to United. That would solve my problem, lol.

kulka3950d ago

I would actually like to see Van Persie and Rooney together this partnership would be fearsome and is his contract not over in the summer? Rooney and Van Persie or Suarez and Van Persie would be great

RedDevils3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

Unfortunately United are packed with Strikers or else I would take him in a heart beat, RVP has been a great player, he was unlucky with those injuries over the years, finally this the first season he haven't been injured and it show what a quality a player he is. The partnership with RVP+ Suarez, or RVP+Aguero will be nightmare for Defenders as they will Dance around defenders LOL