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buddymagoo3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

What a game and what a save by De Gea! Will be save of the season.

We deserved to win that game but I will happily take a draw. That is just our luck at Stamford bridge. The players will be well boosted by this comeback and this result will do for the title run in.

ZizouZidane103884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Yes De Gea is definitely worth £20mil now that he has made one save...not really, seen Dracula react better to crosses than him.

@BuddyMagoo Manuel Neuer cost the same amount as De Gea and he is the best keeper in the world.

Rooney really is an awful striker, hasnt scored a non pen for aslong as I can remember and I hope Mou doesnt buy him. He is way to inconsistent.

So what if he is only 20? Joe Hart got into the PL toty when he was 20? De Gea on the other hand cant even take in a ball from a simple cross and makes 1 good save every blue moon.

buddymagoo3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Kane aka Zizou

That was one of the best saves I've seen in my life not worth 20m but I'm sure he'll pull some more off in his long career. After all he is only 20. Well worth the money (18m by the way)

Kane aka Zizou

If you knew your football you would know Neuer had just as torrid start for Bayern. Yet you don't remember that!

In order to grow you must be stretched. He will hopefully learn from his troubling times and become stronger for it. As a suppose Madrid fan (really, Liverpool) you must also recall how Casillas struggled early in his career.

NewMonday3884d ago

So the ref was MU's January signing.

Can't expect Web to do it all

ProjectVulcan3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Man it is nonsense when United play really well against another class side then its never their own perseverance its the ref...Please give it up.

United should have had 2 pens as a MINIMUM, even AVB admitted the Ashley Young incident in the first half was probably a penalty. Not given. Then the Welbeck foul, which could have been given, Cahill could easily have been sent off straight red for being last man and Chelsea should have faced most of the game with 10 men. Cahill admits today, he was lucky to escape that!! Nothing given.

Then the second clear penalty with 20 minutes left to play- Ivanovic escapes a second yellow and could easily have been off as well. The ref obviously wanted to try and keep the contest so- No yellow.

Anyone that thinks the ref actually HELPED United get back into that game is delusional. United managed it despite him.

buddymagoo3883d ago

If it's not we shouldn't have won that, it's the ref that's on our team. If it is not the ref that's on our team, it's the opposing team bending over for us. If it is not the opposing team bending over for us, it is the manager that's colluding with Fergie. If it is not the manager that's colluding with Fergie, it is the former united reserve/youth players playing that helped us. If it is not our former players helping, it's the pie man that poisoned the players.

One thing is for sure, no matter what, to opposing fans we never win anything fairly. Yet we sit here the most successful club in England. Don't you think we deserve a little respect.

NewMonday3883d ago

The truth is in Europe where MU don't have special influence the performance in over 20 years was crap other than 1999( the only truly great MU team under Ferg) . And the other cup winning side was just ok.

In that time teams like Juventus, RM, Barc, Milan had much more success in very little time.

ProjectVulcan3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

"The truth is in Europe where MU don't have special influence the performance in over 20 years was crap other than 1999( the only truly great MU team under Ferg) . And the other cup winning side was just ok.

In that time teams like Juventus, RM, Barc, Milan had much more success in very little time."

This is amusing because the 3 foreigner rule that was deemed illegal and abolished after the Bosman case restricted english clubs badly in europe for the first ten years of Ferguson's tenure, especially with the home nations being considered as separate nations it hurt English clubs more so than from any other nation with major clubs.

Even players like Roy Keane, Ryan Giggs, Denis Irwin, Mark Hughes and Brian Mcclair were considered 'foreign' and fell foul of restrictions. Despite several of them being 'British'.

3 years after this rule ended for 1996, Manchester United were Champions of europe. 9 years later they won it again.

In fact since that ruling ended only 4 clubs have won multiple European cups Real Madrid, Milan, Barcelona and.....Manchester United.

Manchester United have reached 4 finals out of the last 15 since the ruling- only Juventus equal that and their last final was 9 years ago this year. Eat those stats up.

United's team of the early 90s was class, and had Ferguson been able to field his first team i am pretty sure they would have taken more honours in Europe. Just look at what happened in 1991 European cup winners cup and then the super cup...United flattened BOTH acclaimed Belgrade and Barcelona teams.

The year after, the foreigner rule was enforced. We'll never know for sure if United could have won more, but United would have been challengers at the very least.

NewMonday3882d ago


Keep drinking that cool aid, what MU needed 20 years to do those other teams did in 4 years.

MU is just a hot air balloon buffed by the English press, don't remember any class player leaving Italy or Spain to go to them because they know it will be a steep down.

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Anderson83884d ago

i dunno how we was 3-0 down at any stage.. AVB taking of sturridge helped our cause in the second half he was their most dangerous player.. good to see we kept goin till the end i thought we mite have nicked a victory but a point is better than none

ProjectVulcan3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Premier league strikes again with another big thriller. Top class entertainment.

I couldn't quite believe what i was seeing when United were 3 down after 50 minutes because they had been the better side the first half. They looked very comfortable and not really troubled by Chelsea but three chances and they were all taken with a sprinkling of luck Chelsea had a big lead. United seemed to get very little in the first half, with decisions that could have easily gone their way but didn't. Welbeck could have had a pen in the first, and Ivanovic could ever so easily have been off after the second penalty in the second half.

But then United stepped it up big time and righted the wrongs because it was never a fair scoreline. They dominated most of the second half and fully deserved at least a point for sure.

Chelsea have a top record against United at Stamford Bridge in no small part to a raft of luck. It was a good game and both teams will probably be reasonably happy to take a point each, although Chelsea must surely wonder how they didn't win being 3 up with 40 minutes to play.

United fight on and although it wasn't a win it may feel a little bit like one, a footballing victory, and they can get even better from here with players coming back from injury.

If nothing else it is a warning to City this will be taken to the wire and United will not quit. If United keep it cranked then the pressure cooker fixture at the Etihad will decide the title and City will have to prove they are worthy.

badz1493883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

but I hope somebody please boo him for his terrible defense! and Evans...he's like a ticking bomb in United defense! the absence of Vidic is really kicking United in the crotch!


I've never been so happy about a draw, and wtf was all that booing to Ferdinand about?

KingPin3884d ago

that boo-ing sound you heard is when a chelsea fan is cheering his team with his head far up his ass.

absolutely appalling behavior.

boo-ing the brother of the victim of a race row.

they need to grow up. today chelsea fans made liverpool fans look awesome!!

danikagrace3884d ago

I know how weird.... I don't get it, why would he get booed for that?? Those booing are either disgraceful human beings or just have absolutely nothing between their ears, I think for the majority it's probably the latter.

kulka3884d ago

some game that was as a Liverpool fan happy with a draw :)
This will go down to the wire between city and United the gap won't be bigger than 3 points

KonohagakureFC3884d ago

I'm thinking I should put Howard Webb in my fantasy team, gets points for United everytime!

KingPin3884d ago

is torres not getting you enough fantasy points there?

KingPin3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

best match of the season.

hands down most exciting. de gea for me still isnt convincing. yes he made a couple good saves but some of his decisions puts the defence under pressure for no reason.

chelsea must be gutted though, at 3-nil they wouldve thought they home and dry.

@idiot below
ofcoz you would, liverpool isnt winning much so cant brag there.
and you forgot the 8-2 thrashing we gave arsenal. that was exciting too. but yeah, still harping on a match long forgotten by many.

ZizouZidane103884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Best match of the season? I preferred the Man U 1-6 Man city.

Liverpool isnt winning? Why would I care? :/

Fergie on lack of first half pens: "I dont blame Howard Webb I blame the linesman..." ...jeez, he really is back in the good books!

Al Habsi has had more clean sheets than £20MIL DE GEA.

Anderson83884d ago

if your a madrid fan why would you prefer the 6-1 match?... this was far more exciting and the chelse 3 arsenal 5 was better aswell.

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