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Capello - JT still skipper

Fabio Capello has risked the wrath of his employers the Football Association after expressing his disapproval at their decision to strip John Terry of the England captaincy.

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buddymagoo3894d ago

Bit of a shock that he has taken this stance really.

kulka3894d ago

And I agree with Capello he is the manager he choses how the team plays who plays and who is the captain of he feels Terry will not do a good job then I'm sure he will appoint someone else... But then again if he is proved guilty of racism he should step down but I think Capello will wait until he is proven to be racist after all there are few players of diffrent skin colour in the English team

buddymagoo3894d ago

The spotlight needs to be taken off him though until after the Euros, we just need a clean slate.

no_more_heroes3894d ago

I guess you COULD say innocent until proven guilty, because if he's not found guilty then you're ruining the reputation and career of an innocent man for nothing...

...but is he innocent? Honestly, it's better to not have him in there with this hanging over his (and therefore the whole squad's) head. Less focus would be put on that and more on trying to win the Euros.

Plus, given Rio's recent comments, I'm sure some irreparable damage has already been done in the minds of some of his teammates.

Abdou233893d ago

The FA should appoint Redknapp right after the season.It won't make much difference because the English team will suck anyway.But Capello just drove the team apart even more.

ZizouZidane103893d ago

After the Wayne Bridge incident, he should of been given the captains armband back, hes a disgrace and useless cunt, so glad Mou didnt buy him without Carvahlo he is nothing.