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Carrick - We could have won

Michael Carrick believes Manchester United could have gone on to beat Chelsea after recovering from a 3-0 deficit.

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MaximusPrime3883d ago

i agreed. only if howard webb allows more penalties..

buddymagoo3883d ago

What ever makes you feel better. Shame for you Torres didn't take his clear cut chance.

ad4mb3882d ago

love all the blind fans going on about penalties when really I bet you were loving Howard web at half time having MISSED a clear pen. but oh no a decision finally goes united's way at Stamford bridge and you are all crying. do one.

RedDevils3881d ago

They were "lucky" to not see Cahill a debut with a red card, or else we will probably see a completely different game

KingPin3882d ago

ofcoz they could've won. but first half they didn't take their chances, and i think they took a nap at the break and never wake up in time. after that, they played like champions to get 3 goals back.

though for me, i was glad Rafael is back. he had the right channel blocked off completely. well played. i think Hernandez should've started along with park. those 2 players for me made all the difference. Wellback is good but i think Hernandez is better.

buddymagoo3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

I agree I think we came out second half too relaxed thinking we could win it and like you said we got caught napping.

I think we are lucky to have both Wellbeck and Hernandez because when one is not playing to well we can playing the other. Wellbeck has scored the same amount of goals as Suarez in the same amount of games.

ZizouZidane103882d ago

Suarez isnt exactly an amazingly prolific goalscorer but he makes Liverpool look 10x better when he is on the pitch. If he had good service like at Madrid he would of scored alot more than he has at LFC.

buddymagoo3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

Suarez is a good player but if he was a great player a Madrid/Man Utd/Barca/Ac Milan/Bayern/Chelsea/Arsenal/I nter/Man City would have paid 23m for him.

It could just have something to do with his disciplinary record or that he just isn't at that top level.

ZizouZidane103882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

Before Liverpool signed him, he nearly signed for Arsenal, AC Milan, Barcelona, Spurs also nearly signed him when he was at Gronigen but Harry thought he couldn't adapt to the prem and Man U also nearly agreed a fee for him.

He is only 25 and hasnt been in the prem for long, he is still adapting technically and he will start to finish soon enough.

He is without a doubt, world class, in his last season for Ajax he scored 35 as they won the title so he can finish well.

ZizouZidane103882d ago

Howard Webb is the worst ref ever! He gave that pen before Welbeck fell down!

buddymagoo3882d ago

He's the best of a bad bunch but who would want that job??

He saw Balotelli stamp on Parkers head and decided to give nothing, what was that about.

RedDevils3881d ago

Howard Webb are so inconsistency, first he ignore a clear foul from Cahill who could of seen a red on another day, but choose to ignore, then there a dive on both Welbeck and Luiz, who both should receive a card, and a Pen should be award for fouling on Young inside the box, but choose to ignore again, this game could turn completely if the German ref were officiating this match