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kulka3751d ago

The build up was great defending was great possession superb just this final ball and finishing missing another draw at home is not good enough..

NewMonday3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

We wer having a bad recent record vs Spurs, they are currently a top side so a draw is not that bad. The best thing is that the Reds dominated Modric Adebyor and Bale and stifled their fast paced game.

The most important thing is that 'pool keep this up vs the week sides.

ZizouZidane103750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

@Newmonday yes I see you are playing alot better at home even though it was a draw but its not like they arent one of the best teams in England and hopefully you play like that vs rubbish teams

buddymagoo3750d ago

Kane aka Zizou

Funny you always have nice things to say about every team other than united. Why is that? I know Liverpool are your team but if you weren't Kane I wouldn't see you being so harsh on Man Utd.

NewMonday3749d ago

@ buddymagoo
"Funny you always have nice things to say about every team other than united. Why is that?"

Because their is nothing good to say. :p

Abdou233751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

The cat was the best thing in this very very boring game. It caused more trouble in Tottenham's penalty box than Liverpool did.

ProjectVulcan3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

After the Chelsea v United game talk about a huge letdown. Liverpool have drawn more home games this season than anyone else. Not the sort of form you need to get into the top 4. They are better off points wise than this time last year, but no better off position wise. Must do better.

This game convinced me spurs are more than good enough for the top 4, they defended brilliantly but were not so good going forward. They missed Van Der Vaart. Bale didn't have a great game, he probably should have scored near the end one on one.

Carroll was mostly useless too, he had a few chances some were difficult, but a big waste of one he blasted well over the bar. He only needed to put it on target somewhere and that close the keeper would have had problems.

ZizouZidane103750d ago

Carroll really needs to up his game, whether its extra training or what ever.

MaximusPrime3751d ago

best part of the match is the cat.

buddymagoo3751d ago

Draw was a fair result. Strange to see Bale to lose his temper. Should have scored the one on one but it looked like the pressure from fans was present on his mind.

ZizouZidane103750d ago

Bale got booed due to diving I think.

buddymagoo3750d ago

He looked like he was jumping out of the way of Skrtel's outstretched leg. Which I can understand why people would think it looked like a dive.

kulka3751d ago

And btw where the hell did the cat come from ?

buddymagoo3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

It definitely deserved man of the match.

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