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Rooney: Suarez should have seen red for Parker kick.

Wayne Rooney has claimed Luis Suarez should have been sent off to add more fuel to the fires that rage between Liverpool and Manchester United.

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buddymagoo3889d ago

If anything, it makes him an expert. He said he was wrong for what he did and accepted it. He is entitled to his opinion. It is what we call free speech.

HxCGamer3889d ago

Yeah rooney sort of needs to learn to not talk so much... Yes suarez deserved a red card but rooney seems to be commenting on incidents like this too much, considering he does the exact same thing...

ZizouZidane103889d ago

And the other thing is, Suarez didnt even mean to kick Parker, he was going for the ball.

buddymagoo3889d ago

He wasn't looking at the ball. Someone of his skill should be able to judge the flight of the ball and not kick out 2 seconds too early.

I'm sure if this was a Man Utd player Zizou aka Kane. Then we wouldn't here the last of it from you.

Jonnyquest3213888d ago

Just because Rooney himself kicked out doesn't mean he's wrong about this and it doesn't make him a hypocrite, he would be a hypocrite only if he thought his own kick didn't deserve a red. Think about it this way, I beat someone up and go to jail when i'm released I see a man beat up another man, if i call the police to arrest him that wouldn't make me a hypocrite. Rooney was red carded for England with a petulant kick and he knew he deserved a red thus it's not hypocritical for him to think Suarez also deserved a red. It's just a bit rich coming from him.

3888d ago