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EURO 2012: Power Ranking Teams Based on Their Kits

Football isn't about fashion but there can be some good-looking football kits on display.

Euro 2012 provides the 16 participating teams to bring out some new kit designs and look good on the pitch in two aspects.


Story link below. I don't know if it's a bent moderator or something, but I DID NOT DO THIS!!!:

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no_more_heroes3889d ago

That is NOT the link I pasted when submitting this article. Who the hell is sabotaging me?!

Corepred43889d ago

soooo, are you gonna fix it or do i report this article or what?

no_more_heroes3889d ago

That update is all I can do, since it was approved already.

I see what's going on here though.

ad4mb3889d ago

lmao, link did make me laugh though

Corepred43889d ago

I have to agree, Holland's kit looks awesome. Pretty simple but still pretty slick. Portugal's, Germany's and Greece's I liked as well.

HOSe3889d ago

overall they are lousy.