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Taylor calls for handshake

Gordon Taylor wants a line to be drawn under the race row involving Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra by the duo shaking hands this weekend.

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buddymagoo3886d ago

It would be a great thing for them to both shake hands and move on from the event. It would be a great thing to see for the world of football and the fight against racism.


Yeah I'm sure that will happen and maybe the Man Utd fans won't boo Suarez and maybe Liverpool and United fans are going to hold hands and sing and dance under a magical sparkly rainbow while Kenny Daglish bows down to the Stretford End.

...yeah that's what I think is going to happen this Saturday in this fierce derby that is at boiling point.

buddymagoo3886d ago

Classic! Spat my tea out, lol.

Yi-Long3886d ago

... with a bogus racist-accusation, so Suarez should never accept a handshake from that guy again.

buddymagoo3886d ago

Suarez admitted calling Evra a negro, what more do you want?? They didn't appeal, they accepted the charge.

RedDevils3885d ago

@Yi-Long If Evra agree to handshake, and Suarez refuse doesn't that make him more of classlessness Pr**k?

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kulka3886d ago

Let's just move on now and look forward to a great game of football one of the best fixtures in world football this

zeddy3885d ago

hopefully they do something before hand to agree that they both shake just to take the egde off of it. cant see them pulling out.

Mozilla893885d ago

I hope all you United fans that are saying they should shake hands also were against Rio apparently leaning against shaking hands with Terry.

buddymagoo3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

Don't spread lies. Sir Alex wanted him to shake hands and I'm sure he would have if that is what the boss wanted.

Mozilla893884d ago

I know Sir Alex wanted him to shake hands I'm just talking about fans in general. By the way I remembered seeing this article which is why I said that:

And yes I know he hadn't made up his mind about whether to shake or not.

ZizouZidane103885d ago

Jesus long are the papers going to go on about this? Get over it...