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David aims to become a legend like Schmeichel

DAVID DE GEA is determined to defy his critics and become a Manchester United goalkeeping great like his hero Peter Schmeichel.

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ZizouZidane104017d ago

All he needs is confidence and he also needs to be a bit more commanding when he is coming out for crosses and he will be great.

Infernostew4017d ago

As long as he keeps growing as a player and gaining experience, I don't see why not.

kulka4017d ago

He is still adapting to Premier league he needs time he is a good shot stopper but needs to improve his communication with the defence but that will come in time as he learns English. As well as this he needs to be more commanding in his box everything that goes in his area he should gather it

shadowraiden4016d ago

i dont get all the criticism ok hes made some mistakes but plays a position where you dont see your best years untill your 30+

the things he needs to work on are the area's that come with experience and knowing your defence 2 things that will come the more time he plays.

another thing is he is use to playing in spain which has nowhere near the physical demands the premiership has and from what ive seen of spanish football their set piece and general wing play is nothing compared to premiership's as every match in premiership you will see players ganging up on gk to obstruct them which doesnt happen in the la liga

buddymagoo4016d ago

People were always going to jump on his back just to unsettle him. The kid has talent and will be one to watch and I'm sure he will prove a lot of his doubters wrong.

ZizouZidane104016d ago

He is going to have a tough time tomorrow as LFC will do what they did last time as in put all there players around him and distract him during corners.