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Highlights: Barcelona 2-0 Valencia (Agg 3-1) (Copa Del Rey Semi Final 2nd leg - 08/02/12)

1-0 Cesc Fàbregas 16′
2-0 Xavi

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Corepred43304d ago

That was a crappy goal by Fabregras. Poor goalkeeping.

Corepred43303d ago

Well I used to be a goalkeeper so maybe we're looking at it differently, lol. I say it was a crappy goal from poor goalkeeper positioning. =D

buddymagoo3303d ago

Messi has scored plenty off goals like this and they were celebrated. Keepers are taught to protect the bottom near post. The keeper chose to go low and made the mistake, hardly bad goalkeeping. He can not be high and low at the same time.

buddymagoo3303d ago

Yeah you probably could and you probably could play for Valencia as well. Shame you don't.

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Nes_Daze3304d ago

I thought Valencia was going to give us a closer match. Such a good team, they'll get a title of their own soon if they continue fighting for it like they have. As for Barca, time to take that cup home.

ZizouZidane103303d ago

Not yet...Bilbao arent going to just hand it over to you.

Nes_Daze3303d ago

True, they were very impressive against Mirandes, there were some top notch goals scored in that last game. But I think if Barca plays at least at their decent, they can take the cup.

ZizouZidane103303d ago

They also played good against a draw and the goal you scored was due to bad defending.