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United fall behind in rich list

Manchester United is falling behind Barcelona and Real Madrid in the 'Money League' of the world's richest clubs, a new report has found.

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kulka3759d ago

Spanish league needs a revolution Valencia 3 team in the league gets same tv rights as Stoke or Norwich the rest most of the money goes to Real and Barca how on earth is that fair ?

ZizouZidane103759d ago

Man City are 15th of the top 20 based on Revenue, if the list focused on operating income (profit before taxes) they wouldn't even be in the top 50 (Chelsea included)I can't wait for FFP to kick in properly....they're fucked.

Mozilla893758d ago

Yeah, I'm sure the people running Man City and Chelsea don't know the rules of FFP inside and out or have no plan to make sure their respective clubs comply.

ProjectVulcan3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

United can probably never catch up completely because of the TV deals Barca and Madrid enjoy. This prevents La Liga from ever being competitive again.

However United have fallen a little further behind also because they have yet to sort the renegotiation of their kit deal (kit deals have jumped significantly in value since the original deal was done 7 years ago)- this was due last year but hasn't been announced as of yet. So that is one thing expected to boost their revenue this year which hasn't been accounted for.

Expect a world record kit deal for United when it is signed, maybe this summer but this year one would think.