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Police forced to separate United and Liverpool players as Evra sparks tunnel bust-up

"Police had to separate players from both Manchester United and Liverpool as emotions spilled over into violence in the tunnel at Old Trafford.

The Premier League match was already the centre of everybody's attention as it pitted Luis Suarez against Patrice Evra for the first time since the former was banned for eight matches for racially abusing the latter during the reverse fixture in October." Daily Mail

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Infernostew3888d ago

Sounds like Liverpool players lost their cool after losing a big match.

kulka3888d ago

Wasn't Evra who started it and it happened at half time it was 0-0 by then so I don't think Liverpool lost their cool

buddymagoo3888d ago

I can't believe you are defending him Kulka. I thought better of you.

Evra wanted to show the watching world that people can have problems but put it past them and have respect for each other. Suarez had no honour and embarrassed Liverpool football club.

NewMonday3888d ago

Suarez was going to shake the hand but your teams boss flamed things up with his try at mind games before the match

and kulka is just stating the facts, Evra tried to start somthing at half time, Suarez doesn't like him OK he should just grow up and move on.

Infernostew3888d ago

I did see that at the half and it really wasn't anything. I assumed it was at the end of the match because that "bust-up" at the half doesn't deserve an article.

kulka3888d ago

Ok he could have shaked his hand I think he should have had but. it was his choice he thinks he's innocent and sees Evra as a guy who got him 8 game ban. But I think they will shake their hand next game the media attention did not help..

Anderson83888d ago

i dont think they will now to be honest.. this was the moment to put it all behind and suarez declined so its gonna stick around a while longer unfortunately.

krazykombatant3888d ago

seems to me that evra keeps getting in trouble every other week.

iDived_uMad3888d ago

manure are cry babies, thank god suarez didnt bend over n shake that idiot hand.... all u mANURE FANS FUCK OFF