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Highlights: Manchester United 2-1 Liverpool (English Premier League - 11/02/12)

47' 1-0 Rooney
50' 2-0 Rooney
81' 2-1 Suárez

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buddymagoo4008d ago

Well done Evra well done Manchester United! We can hold our heads high.

KingPin4008d ago

Just shows the maturity levels between Evra and Suarez.

Well done to Manchester united. Liverpool really are looking more and more like a mid-table team as the season progresses.

MUFC deserved all three points. Liverpool were playing like a side that was 6 nil up before the match even began. Even when MUFC were 2-0 up, all the players were still giving 100% effort.

NewMonday4008d ago

Liverpool need to beat the little teams like MU.

but cant be to harsh on them after a hectic month, looked very tired today.

and great for Suarez to get a goal, proves he doesn't give a crap about thousands booing, unlike bitchy Evra who lost his nerves and cost MU the game at Anfield

buddymagoo4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )


Say what you want about Manchester United but we showed class today. So did Evra in wanting to shake Suarez's hand

Liverpool have a great history and are one of the worlds biggest teams although the results haven't been that good over recent years. They have always had class and been a shining light for British football but Suarez is tainting everything that Liverpool have stood for. He could have been a gentleman and shook Evra's hand and left it there. He doesn't deserve to wear the Liverpool shirt.

kulka4008d ago

Not a mid table team, if Bellamy started instead od Downing the game would have been diffrent

KonohagakureFC4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

"Say what you want about Manchester United but we showed class today. So did Evra in wanting to shake Suarez's hand

He could have been a gentleman and shook Evra's hand and left it there."

So was it class or was Evra being a gentleman when he grabbed Suarez by the arm to try and force a handshake after Suarez ignored him?


@newmonday you're so full of shit it's unbelievable.

Suarez showed what a classless twat he is, refusing to shake Evra's hand and booting the ball at the United bench. Suarez was useless in this match and his goal was pratically a gift.

As the game went on you could just see the frustration in his eyes. Ironic since earlier this week he was going on about how the boos won't affect him and will just spur him on, looks like that didn't happen.

buddymagoo4008d ago

Imagine how Evra felt after being racially abused by Suarez that Suarez didn't even want to look at him never mind shake his hand.

I felt sorry for Evra and he was rightly disgruntled by Suarez's lack of RESPECT. Which is what the game of football is about.

Let's not forget the Christmas truce held by British and German soldiers where men could forget they were fighting a war, killing each other and for one day they could put it all behind them for a game of football. Suarez doesn't deserve to play the game!

ProjectVulcan4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

Pretty disgusted with Suarez, no class, none whatsoever. All game he behaved badly, at one point clearly kicking the ball hard at Evra out of play but Evra just shook it all off.

The celebration after was a release for him and the tensions, he is the victim, even though Liverpool, Suarez and that idiot Dalglish have tried to claim otherwise.

Dalglish's comment after the game was once again unbelievable: "I never knew Suarez refused to shake Evra's hand. I wasn't there, I never saw it. It's contrary to what I've been told. I think you're bang out of order to blame Luis Suarez for anything that happened here today"

So he says he didn't see the incident, but jumps once again ignorantly to Suarez's defence? Liverpool have handled this whole affair start to finish like a bunch of amateurs and caused much more problems than ever needed to be.

Should have been more dignified, kept quiet. Utterly ridiculous and Liverpool's reputation is surely damaged around the world. It deserves to be after such mismanagement of the situation.

NewMonday4008d ago

Evra is lier who tried to ruin another players reputation, and has the audacity to demand a handshake.

they should have done it like with Terry and Ferdinand keep them away from each other.

and the end celebrations are just embarrassing, they just show this current MU team has no dignity what so ever. the team lead by Roy Kean would never have gotten into this saga and got respect from everyone, even Reds fans.

ProjectVulcan4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

I wish Liverpool fans would have some dignity and try not to continuously defend Suarez, who at the moment is indefensible.

Besides all this took away from the match where Manchester United were far superior now some absentees have returned. Liverpool created virtually nothing all game barring an early Glen Johnson effort right up until their first very fortunate goal in the 80th minute!

Lacklustre Liverpool performance, Gerrard looked lost against Carrick and Scholes' sublime passing in midfield. Spearing made terrible mistakes, Henderson was anonymous and Carroll no better when he came on.

The outrage over the Suarez affair will totally overshadow the game, luckily some could say for Dalglish who might even secretly welcome the distraction to cover over Liverpools' terrible form in the league- not to mention their naff goalscoring record. Liverpool still look to match their rivals, but the 19 point gap in the table shows the gulf is as big as it has ever been the past two decades.

It'll be a miracle if this Liverpool team could finish in the top 5 this year or any other, such lacking in top level quality despite the amounts spent by Dalglish.

freeduck4008d ago

You guys are idiots, typical Utd fans who believe anything out of Fergie's mouth.

I wouldn't have shaken Evra's hand either. Think about the situation. Evra ruined Suarez's reputation and caused hardship for him and his family for something he NEVER did. Don't quote the FA they are fucking monkeys all the evidence and logic points how Evra is the biggest scum out there. Along with Rio he is a tool as well

And Evra's celebration at the end is low class. Karma's a bitch, Evra you'll get what you deserve soon enough.

Back to the game, I didn't like the performance. Second half was too slow. I think some players weren't up for this particular game - Enrique, Downing, Suarez. Gerrard was so limited due to his position. Andy Carroll and Bellers should've started. But Liverpool dust off and move on to the next game.

Infernostew4008d ago


"Evra ruined Suarez's reputation.."

I stopped reading right there. What reputation? I'm guessing you mean a "good" reputation. I mean before this whole racism thing wasn't he already branded a cheater, diver, and he bit a guy! Suarez never had a good reputation and he's really showing his true colors in red. If I were a liverpool supporter I'd be ashamed that our club would field a player like him.

buddymagoo4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

Evra ruined Suarez reputation???

Suarez biting another man

Suarez cheating the last African team out of the first African world cup.

Suarez middle finger to opposing fans.

Suarez roundhouse kicking Scotty Parker

Suarez kicking dawson while on the floor.

Suarez pulling Rafaels hair.

The guy is a joke to football and a joke to Liverpool football club. Liverpool fans open your eyes! He is ruining the reputation of your once great club.

danikagrace4008d ago

After watching those I can't believe that Suarez is so highly regarded among many. An absolute shameful disgrace to professional football, and an embarrassment to Liverpool FC, as are the supposed Liverpool 'fans' who support him.

freeduck4007d ago

you give me youtube clips of Suarez and I can give you dozens of clips/articles on your players like Rio, Rooney and co. Don't act like Utd players are role models of the EPL
Media hates Suarez no doubt and the kinds of stuff they say about him are really low-class.

Utd fans have always hated Suarez, they hate every Liverpool player no matter how good they are. It's an unconditional attitude, but now Utd fans can claim to have a reason to hate him to label themselves "rational" fans.
Some criticize him refusing the handshake from Evra. What difference would it make whether he shook it or not? The fans will continue to boo him, hate him, and throw crap at him. At least now, he showed some spine. If I was Suarez, my blood would be boiling to see Evra on the pitch and no way in hell would I touch him.
Evra will always use the race card to get what he wants and get sympathy from the media.

RedDevils4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

LMAO did I just read that right, "Evra ruined Suarez's reputation? FYI Suarez's reputation has long been buried under the ground since the WC and the biting incident when he was at Ajax. Even Alan Hensan said he Suarez is a disgrace to Liverpool, he not even worthy to wear the shirt Ian Rush once wore

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neoragex4008d ago


This site is filled with INSENSIBLE, BRAINLESS man utd fans, who visit this website every hour of the day just to slag off supporters of other clubs.


TKCMuzzer4008d ago

You construct such a mature and well defined comment, I'm sure they will take note.

I usually keep it neutral but I'm afraid Suarez was in the wrong today, for a guy who wants to put all this behind him he seems to be going out of his way to keep the attention firmly on himself.

KingPin4007d ago

maybe if you actually visited the site and read all the other articles instead of trolling only the United articles you'll see how dumb you sound.

you screaming and shouting like an immature 5 year old for us to get a life, yet you here, crying like a girl.

what are you doing here anyways? clearly you dont support MUFC, and if you support liverpool, the site has articles on them, why arent you there.

RedDevils4007d ago

Shouldn't you be changing your name to "DeadBrain" who need to grow the F up and start making some intelligence argument instead of swearing like someone from a mental hospital? what a tool

KonohagakureFC4008d ago

Evra's celebrations at the end... Very mature, exactly what you wanna see in a captain...

Anyway the pool's midfield was pathetic today they deserved that loss

danikagrace4008d ago

As the Sky Sports commentators said, he didn't go over to the Liverpool fans and has every right to celebrate the win with his own fans

KonohagakureFC4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

Exactly he went over to Saurez instead, who just ignored him and calmly walked to the tunnel as opposed to Evra's jumping around like a lunatic

He had every right sure but it was still pretty childish

NewMonday4008d ago

Dignity was too much to ask from MU after all. SMH

Anderson84008d ago

childish was not shaking hands before the match and kicking a ball into the subs bench

Corepred44008d ago

so because he didn't want to shake hands with a man who got him banned and as far as we know did or did not lie to do so?! and when suarez kicks the ball its the end of the world but when messi does it, everybody continues to ride his d. lmao people on this site would drown in the rain, lmao.

Anderson84008d ago

he got himself banned if he hadnt of said what he did then he wouldnt be in this situation hes'd not the victim or innocent party in this so dont make him out to be.. a handshake would have put a line under all of this and allowed both players to begin to move on evra offered his and suarez declined so he chose to prolong the tension..
suarez isnt helping his image or that of his clubs and its all his own doing

what has messi got to do with this?

RedDevils4007d ago

Like if Liverpool have any dignity when they printing the shirt, even their so call Queen Kenny is an embarrassment

ad4mb4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

Patrice Evra!!!!! Suck on that luis!!!

Get in, great result!
all it required was a handshake and the fool refused.. Now he looks a complete idiot!

rowdyBOY4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

evra is the racist , and evra refused to shake suarez hand .

check out the video from sky sports :

RedDevils4007d ago

are you freaking blind, Suarez is the one who refused to shake Evra hand, not the other way around, watch it carefull he move his hand straight to De Gea instead, he really need to grow up and close up this case by a simple hand shake but he chose to not to

Abdou234008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

I wish Kenny realize that he backed the wrong player now.Send him back to his country.

asmith23064008d ago

Now hows about that for racism haha!

Infernostew4008d ago

Great result! Really should've run up the score but we didn't make most of some golden opportunities. It was great to see Evra celebrate at the end of the match, especially after what happened in the FA cup match. Scholes played incredible and a Rooney brace is always welcome.

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