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Suarez shouldn't play for Liverpool again! Fergie hits out 'disgraceful' striker after snub

"Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson branded Luis Suarez a 'disgrace to Liverpool Football Club' and claimed he should never play for them again following his refusal to to shake Patrice Evra's hand ahead of today's Barclays Premier League clash at Old Trafford." Daily Mail

Video link to Sir Alex Ferguson Sky Sports post-match interview via

Video link to Kenny Dalglish Sky Sports post-match interview via

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NewMonday3889d ago

LOL @Ferg he was waiting for the reporter to ask the question to put on his"shocked" face, and the MU fans just keep on drinking the kool aid

silvacrest3889d ago

suarez is trash, just accept it, this was known before he even joined liverpool, look at his record

Corepred43888d ago

How old is Fergie? He needs to shut up before he gets excited and croaks! lmao

ZizouZidane103889d ago


Infernostew3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Why would Evra get mad if Suarez was trying to shake his hand? You guys are morons. He also clearly snubbed Evra and shook the child next to him's hand instead.

Anderson83889d ago

watch the video his hand was out cos he shook the guy b4 evra and went to shake rio's if he wanted to shake evras hand he would have.. your clutching at straws here

buddymagoo3889d ago

Zizou aka kane.

Give it a rest. The world has seen what a shambles you lot have made of yourselves. So much for the fight against racism.

NewMonday3889d ago

the MU fan Circle jerk zone is not "the world"

silvacrest3889d ago

im a chelsea fan and agree with them 100%

freeduck3889d ago

Fergie is an idiot. Instead of trying to cool things down before the game he plays mind games and causes more tension. Can't wait for this senile man to end his career

ZizouZidane103889d ago ShowReplies(3)
buddymagoo3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Just forget that Kenny started it all by saying Suarez shouldn't have been banned. Even though they didn't appeal (Admission of guilt.)

Stop dragging you club through muck and start looking at where the problem started. Suarez could have shook Evra's hand and ended it there. So much for stamp out racism, more like brush it under the rug.

Surprise, surprise Liverpool fans showing no respect. You lot should be ashamed! Enjoy 7th.

danikagrace3889d ago

Senile man?? He is one of the most successful football managers ever and is still continuing that success. I feel proud that he isn't afraid to speak up for what he thinks is right. Suarez shouldn't (& doesn't) need Sir Alex to "cool things down" his actions are his own.
As a side note - I do understand that you can't wait for him to end his career as your club hasn't really stood much of a chance since his career at United began.

neoragex3889d ago

go and make dinner for your husband, in the kitchen lady.

danikagrace3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

LOL!! I already did. And I baked him a cake today, really. I cook and clean for my husband and I enjoy the football. Where's the problem?

Seems to have touched a nerve with you, do you have problems with the ladies?? Stuck in an old age of racism and sexism are we?

NewMonday3889d ago

were gong off the issue but i would like to say your husband is a lucky guy.

krazykombatant3889d ago

I'm no liverpool fan, and hell I don't really follow the premier league as much as I should, but I agree with you, Fergie has nothing to say about what Liverpool should do with the likes of suarez, if anything rooney is also a frigging monster who can't handle his temper.

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zeddy3889d ago

get rid of him, sell him for 20 million, im sure some team abroad would have him. he's nothing but trouble.

silvacrest3889d ago

agreed, send him to some russian team, i hear they are more accepting of that type of behaviour/language

KingPin3888d ago

which ever team buys him should partner him up front with tevez. then they'll have trouble on and off the pitch.

iDived_uMad3888d ago

fergie should die already, the FA and the Referees are destroying english football fuck off fergie die u dispectable cunt

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