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Highlights: Everton 2-0 Chelsea (English Premier League - 11/02/12)

1-0 Pienaar 4'
2-0 Stracqualursi 71

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buddymagoo3305d ago

What has happened to Chelsea???

Anderson83305d ago

transition period.. this is what happens when you dont invest in youth whilst spending big and the constant sacking of managers doesnt help.. also these arent AVB's player he's dealing with ancelottis left overs that said if they dont get through the next round of the champions league i think he'll get sacked

goku323593305d ago

As a Chelsea supporter, this season has been pretty tough to watch. God only knows what will happen next season if AVB gets sacked...

silvacrest3305d ago

i was thinking the same thing, im a chelsea supporter too but now i think we could lose almost any match in our current form, strangely we seem to still do okay against the bigger sides

we need to bring in new/young players, arsenal proves it works, chamberland came out of nowhere and is already being considered for a england position

i dont no if getting rid of AVB will matter when the players are performing like this

Mozilla893305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

The reason we play better against the bigger sides is because the players are more eager to go up against them.

I think the locker room is divided along with the players relations with AVB not being good. I'm sure it was horrible for morale when the players saw how Anelka and Alex were treated.

I'll stick with the team regardless of where they finish but the club seriously need to pick a manager and back him to the hilt.

kulka3305d ago

At least some good news for Liverpool today

silvacrest3305d ago

i wouldn't even call it that, good news for arsenal and newcastle however, who liverpool still need to surpass