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PROOF – Evra refuses Suarez handshake

Patrice Evra successfully portrayed himself as the victim today but this video clearly shows it was he who first refused Luis Suarez‘s handshake.

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buddymagoo3749d ago

Funny because this clearly proves Suarez doesn't acknowledge Evra at all.

jak3y13oy3749d ago

So his hands goes down a little after letting go of a hand shake, when doesn't that happen?

Clearly shows Suarez is a racist tw*t!

Yi-Long3748d ago

... I wouldn't shake the hand of the guy who screwed me into an 8 match ban over an OTT 'racisme' accusation either.

If you don't want to shake someone's hand you just don't shake his/her hand. It's a simple as that.

Such drama.

Anderson83748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

@ yi-long

your not the only one.. abunch of liverpool die hards seem to agree with you

i'm not sure how you can justify him not shaking his hand whether the ban was harsh or not if suarez hadnt of said raciallly sensitive comments then he wouldnt of been charges or proven guilty he's not the victim here thats why so much is being made of this

Corepred43748d ago

Yi-Long... you and I are together on this one. All the people on this site are trying to hard to be politically correct they forget to be human, lol. I would be pissed if someone got me banned for 8 matches too. Not shaking hands would just be my way of saying screw you man.

buddymagoo3748d ago

Suarez and Daglish issue apologies but some people on this site seem to not understand what they are talking about and what is wrong with the situation and seem to be socially retarded. Other people that are like this tend to be serial killers, rapists, racists; you know the kind of people that think it is ok to not have respect for your common man.

I understand people will be stuck in the past and these groups will congregate. But we should remember that, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

Have you own opinions but racism and the lack of respect for your fellow man is wrong.

Mozilla893748d ago

@ buddymagoo

You just called people on this site socially retarted and then talked about "respect for your fellow man" in the same post.

Your opinion is now invalid.

buddymagoo3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )


So are you saying you can't have respect for the retarded, I'm confused. Of course I have respect for the retarded, life must be really difficult for them.

Unless you mean retarded in a derogatory term, which in that case you should be ashamed!

Yi-Long3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

...yes, racism is wrong.

This however, was more a case of a cultural misunderstanding which has been blown out of proportion by Evra, and it diminishes the meaning of the word 'racism' to use and abuse it for stuff like this.

'Negro' has pretty much the same 'weight' in south/central America as a word like 'blondie' would have here, and Suarez has grown up using that word for black people without it having a specific negative meaning behind it.

Obviously, I'm sure Evra was upset when someone called him 'negro' cause here in the oversensitive and politically correct west, it DOES have a kind of negative weight to it. And yes, I think when Suarez notices Evra's reaction to the word, he used it to kinda goat him on and get him out of his game. Not cause he's a racist, but cause Suarez can probably trashtalk with the best of them.

I've seen Suarez for many years in the Eredivisie. I've loathed him for some of his behaviour, and lauded him for other aspects of his game. However, if I'm sure about 1 thing it's that the guy isn't a racist, he doesn't give a shit if someone is black or white or asian, and I feel Evra has really abused the whole situation to get another player banned and labelled as a racist as a result.

I'm all for the war against racism, but in this case, there was an OTT reaction to something that certainly wasn't intended as racist, and by milking this situation like this, I feel Evra has gone too far.

Funny how Balotelli released a tweet yesterday pretty much expressing the exact same sentiment about the situation as I did. I just saw it on a football show here :)

Why o why3748d ago

yi long.

he knew what he was saying and more than that the context and way in which it was said repeatedly shows he knew it was derogatory. seeing some of Liverpools uk fans backing their player to the hilt was more upsetting especially when I saw that fans shirt with negrito on the back. Wtf. Got no love for utd or evra and suarez is a baller but hes a wan**r and knew what he was saying. Have you seen the other videos of his antics? Does he seem stupid? not in my eyes so him doing something he agreed to do just takes the piss out of Liverpool.

silvacrest3748d ago

its called being a man and squashing beef between two people, suarez could have ended this mess if he man'd up and shacked evra's hand but true to form, he doesnt

Yi-Long3748d ago

... 'being a man' isn't about swallowing in your pride just because the rest of the world demands it of you.

'Being a man' is making your own decisions, and if Suarez feels the guy screwed him over by labeling him as a racist, I can fully understand why Suarez doesn't want to go: "Ok buddy, water under the bridge! Let's shake hands and act as if everything is now just fine between us..."

Suarez ignored the douchebag that got him banned and just played his own game. I don't think he should be putting up a politically correct performance just to please the world.

I certainly wouldn't have shook his hand either. But I'm known for carrying grudges a long long LONGGG time.

NewMonday3748d ago


well said, principles are more important than the opinions of the masses

Why o why3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

Yi long If thats the case then dont tell your employers you' ll do something you said or agreed to do. I dont like evra but suarez has history of doing sh#t, Hes done liverpool no favours and now theyve had to issue appoligies because of him and him alone. I dont care if players dont shake hands, why should you if you dont want to but when you said 'suarez ignored the douchebag that got him banned' youre making it sound like he's the victim even though hes been proved to be the guy in the wrong, an excuse of cultural differences doesnt block your brain. People will instictively know when to and not to do or say something most of the time unless they want to offend. suarez would know NOT to be calling anybody anything like little black x y or zed in certain environments especially if he thought there would be some backlash

always respected liverpool, and still will but some of their fans are making themselves look stupid.

Evra also showed why hes just a snyde #### at the end too. Im glad Alex said he shouldnt of goaded suarez at the end BUT i agree with the consensus that he should NOT be telling any club especially one of the stature of liverpool what players shouldnt be playing for them. WRONG

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ProjectVulcan3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

This excuse is EMBARRASSING for Liverpool fans. I am ashamed anyone would suggest Evra is to blame!!

It is CLEAR on the second angle at 0:15 with the slomo he had relaxed his hand, and then when Suarez walks close you clearly see his hand OPEN again only in a split second BEFORE his hand arrives for Suarez to completely bypass it. Then Evra reacts and turn his head completely unexpecting the snub. Anyone that says Evra pulled away is talking ABSOLUTE RUBBISH. Suarez was the one moving and he obviously made absolutely no attempt whatsoever to grasp Evra's hand (moving without hesitation and one fluid movement on to Ge Gea), unlike Evra who did.

The second angle where you can see his hand move and open BEFORE Suarez arrives is the definitive one, the only way we can possibly see Evra's hand is open BEFORE Suarez arrives is because he opened it BEFORE Suarez crosses in front of the camera and blocks the view....

It is disgusting anyone would sink so low to blame the incident on Evra. This would be a brand new low for anyone connected with Liverpool if they supported this claim. My respect for the club and those involved would sink even further peddling such blatant lies.

guigsy3749d ago

Suarez has admitted he refused to shake Evra's hand. How embarrassing for Liverpool fans.

ProjectVulcan3748d ago

How ridiculous have the fans been in all this too? Clutching at straws through the whole thing, this sort of accusation has come to be normally expected now from Liverpool FC. Makes them seem like tin foil hat wearing paranoid lunatics IMO

Anderson83748d ago

he has and kenny also stated suarez was wrong so did liverpools director and also said he was wrong to back suarez after the game...

wonder what liverpool fans will have to say now?

kulka3748d ago

Ok Suarez did wrong by not shaking his hand but apologised today he knows he let the club down let's move on

silvacrest3748d ago

this could have ended with a simple hand shake now i have no doubt it will continue

blame suarez for that

KingPin3748d ago

liverpool fans still grasping at straws trying to make Evra the villian.

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