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Highlights: Real Madrid 4-2 Levante (Spanish Primera Division- 12/02/2012)

0-1 Cabral 5′
1-1 Ronaldo (P) 45'
2-1 Ronaldo 50'
3-1 Ronaldo 57'
3-2 Kone 63′
4-2 Benzema 66'

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krazykombatant3755d ago

What a goal from CR7, this season is in the bag!

Corepred43755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Yeah man that goal was something. Video game like dip that it had on it, lol. I wish I could be as sure as you but I don't want to jinx it. So I'll just say we're in a great position to win it this year!

Higuain better get on the ball, Benzema is outshining him. Man, Ozil is just awesome with that nutmeg at the top of the box. Too bad he couldn't put it away!

HxCGamer3755d ago

meh... i guess it's almost the same
that one is a finesse shot, a lot like in fifa, nice curve though!!
Ronaldo's was a downward curve which is very rare... haha impossible to do in fifa12, unless from an fk of course!

Corepred43755d ago

Yeah that goal was more finesse in the corner. Still a nice shot but not as difficult as Ronaldo's dipping shot right over the keepers head.

buddymagoo3754d ago

That Ronaldo goal looked good because of bad positioning on the goal keepers part. Looked better than it was. He has scored many better.

Corepred43754d ago

Yeah, goalie was a little too far out. Especially with the ball on Ronaldo's foot.

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nix3755d ago

if you play FIFA 12.. you can shoot goals everytime you're near the "D" area. Just get a clear space and voila.. it's a score.

plus you can let the AI get the ball for you everytime you're defending. just don't switch into the defender when defending.

asmith23063755d ago

Now if only they could take the chances they always have against Barce like that lol

Theo11303754d ago

He did, the last two games against them; he started the comebacks. Before that questions were being ask about his ability to show up for those big games, but he put that to bed.