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Infernostew3543d ago

Looks like Liverpool fan's theory that Evra started the tunnel bust-up can be put to bed. You guys are wrong again!

ProjectVulcan3543d ago

Poor old De Gea. He shook everyones hand, and when Suarez fell over in the area even helped him up far as i recall. Welcome to the derby i guess.

NewMonday3543d ago

it "the Sun" its a joke rag, and its embarrassing to quot them.

Evra looking for a confrontation at half-time is a well known fact reported everywhere, not an opinion

and the only "spit" DeGea receives is actually from MU fans

Kemicalbeliefs3537d ago

I hear Iran has stopped oil sales into Europe. Apparently it was Evra's fault.

In other news, a Liverpool player punched someone in the face whilst abusing them. The FA reportedly said "we feel this is outrageous and is all Evra's fault. He will be banned immediately"

News from the middle east. Saddam husseins rein came to a bitter end but a replacement has been found, to continue the bloodbath. Patrice Evra will be instated later today.

Abdou233543d ago

Suarez should leave and go play in the dirt.

asmith23063542d ago

Story lost all credibility when I seen the Sun reported it...

SephirothX213542d ago

Soccer players get paid too much money to be acting the way they do. They are meant to be professional but the majority of them are just scum, like most of the fans. Suarez is a primary example. He is an absolute low level scumbag who should be shot. These players give soccer a bad reputation. How come rugby players who are playing a much rougher game can conduct themselves and keep their dignity? Oh that's right, they come from good backgrounds instead of run down council estate slums.

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