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Will Liverpool Fans Apologise Now?

We've had an apology from the player, the manager and the club - will it be the fans next? But didn't those apologies sound like the ones you made as children?

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NewMonday4004d ago

Fans are not owned by rich millionaires who don't care for the club, we stand for what is right, not what is popular.

Kemicalbeliefs4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

Have the scouse ever apologised for anything? It's always someone else's fault.

Even though they view Evra as the liar, contrary to the investigators opinions, it's Suarez the victim, not Evra. I'd say the scouse do live up to their reputations as being comedians because what I've heard from them so far has been hysterical.

Evra is an unreliable witness, due to past history, apparently.....because its not like Suarez has a track record with biting people or anything. Plus, he couldn't help change his story a few times compared to evra during the proceedings. It's all a conspiracy.
Suarez would never lie, he'd never lie to the club that he was going to shake hands would he? Oh sorry why should he do it? It isn't his fault.

The joke of it all is this strange view that united and fergie in particular, is sooooooo scared of Suarez, that he has orchestrated a cunning plan involving over 100 FA fergie agents, to get him suspended. Be afraid of liverpools rise to big club status again, eventually....sometime........ .

buddymagoo4004d ago

"Even though they view Evra as the liar, contrary to the investigators opinions"

I agree, In reality, there was an incident in 2006 when a deaf fan claimed to lip read Steve Finnan directing a racial slur at Evra, but when the claim came round to Evra, he declined to make any complaint because he didnt hear any slur. Then there was the bust up with Chelsea ground staff a couple of seasons ago where a fight broke out. Mike Phelan ran onto the pitch to break it up and said he heard racist language being directed at Evra. When the FA quizzed Evra about it he said he hadn't heard anything racist (probably because he was fighting at the time)

So where these wild accusations come from I don't know.

TruthBTold4004d ago

No apology is needed. The whole issue started because two cultures spoke and while one was considered the other one wasn't. So people that get offended by latin american people using "negro" in spanish to call a black person better never decide to visit america. Don't ever listen to Celia Cruz because you might get offended listening to a line like "que paso mi negra, azuca mi negro". So while in europe it's used to offend we use it to show a certain affection.

Infernostew4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

It's a bit different when what he said translates into "I don't speak to blacks" but scousers are never wrong so keep believing whatever your pathetic club forums tell you.

NewMonday4004d ago

no proof of that other than Evras word, that's the cause of this whole mess, taking one mans word over another without a 3rd party witness to confirm the events.

you want Liverpool fans to just take Evra for his word? if the trail was fair we would have wanted Suarez kicked out not just banned

kulka4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

Completely agree with Newmonday if there was a proof I would not back Suarez. but I would never take Evra's word he is the same man who abandoned his own national team

Kemicalbeliefs4004d ago

You mean stuck up for his national team? If there was any evidence?

So the lip readers, the language specialists and the ever changing story from each of your staff involved in the case, still mean evras always guilty cos he once had a hum dinger with some Chelsea grass cutter?
Kinell man, I hope you Liverpool fans have never been guilty in the past of anything because it means you have no rights whatsoever to complain about anything in the future.
Once hit someone or caught speeding? Better hope nobody does anything to you because your the guilty one, always.

So like Fergie said about the bananas and Barnes, maybe they weren't being racist, they just thought he was hungry.

Liverpool logic is fantastic. Read the report people and read it well. It explains everything over the 100+ pages that they meticulously went over for a long time.

Maybe you can all help John Terry with his case too because he said he didn't abuse Ferdinand. Proof? Bah balls to that.....

TruthBTold4004d ago

Lol, I'm not a liverpool fan at all. I say what I say because I am from the same culture as suarez so I understand what he said but I also understand why evra was upset. It's a missunderstanding that could have been avoided if only both sides were considered and explained, instead only one side was defended. But keep seeing things from one side and not both.

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Kopite_20204004d ago

Dear Mancs on your moral pedestals (not including those who have balanced views and are actually from Manchester), I would like to point a few things out:

1. Apparently you are the shining light in a crusade to out racism and stereotyping though you wouldn't think it when your sentence begins with the word "Scousers" followed by some derogatory term.

2. Those devoid of morals that would chant about Hillsborough are now making large amounts of noise about racism, and not because they care, but because they're ill-informed morons who think they're "getting one over" on those they hate.

3. Funnily enough for all this hatred of Scousers, the fans conveniently forget where their best player is from, again some more hypocrisy.

4. More a comment on the article; bias bleeds from the page. It serves only as fuel to edge the fire along. Try not to rise to it.

Kemicalbeliefs4004d ago

Deary me. I have a very balanced view to be honest. I don't think Suarez is a racist but I do believe he used a racist comment. The guy has been in Europe long enough to know the terminologies and usage of language. He would know by now what offends. Plus it wasn't exactly a loving chat was it? So the use of the words context can be classed as abusive language. But as Suarez says and admits 'what goes on he pitch, stays on the pitch'. Hmm sounds like a denial to me....

From manchester? Yep, you can come round for a brew if you want, depends on the traffic from North Wales though. Oh the irony.

1. I don't claim to be a moral beacon.

2. I've never sang about hillsborough and that's the gods honest truth plus it still has nothing to do with this particular incident.

3. Rooneys from Everton, just like Gerard is.

4. I'll show bias in favour of my club because I see injustice coming from a club and it's fans who always seek to be the victim. Accept it, deal with it and move on. There is no FA agenda, there's no conspiracy, the world is not against you and you should try acting like the dignified club you used to be.

NewMonday4004d ago

you could see the FA agenda from the start of the confrontational with Blatter, their was always going to be a fall guy, and we wont allow our team or players to be scapegoats.

the report came out ataking Suarez to the core all based on "probability" according to the report.

no we will not accept "probable".

and MU fans are letting the rivalry cloud their judgment

GJ234004d ago

"and are actually from Manchester"

I stopped reading this drivel here. You are a Liverpool fan from Wales.

Oh btw i think there is a sale on tin foil coming up. Should make yourself and most liverpool fans some hats because "the FA are reading our minds maaan"

buddymagoo4004d ago

It's been their excuse for the past 20 years. There is just no sense in some of them, just wild conspiracy theories that only them and Man Utd haters like to believe.