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Highlights: Bayer Leverkusen 1-3 Barcelona (Champions League - 14/02/12)

0-1 Sanchez 41'
1-1 Kadlec 51'
1-2 Sanchez 55'
1-3 Messi 88'

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zico3884d ago

Someone who didn`t believe on barca today?

Infernostew3884d ago

Almost fell asleep. I've seen 0-0 draws more exciting than this match. I don't know what it is about Barca but they play such boring football.

KingPin3884d ago

i was about to say the same thing.

i understand that the football barca are playing is good from a business standpoint, i mean the more trophies you win, the better your reputation, the more sponsors you get, the more fans you get, the more money the club makes. However, from an entertainment standpoint, they play the most boring football i ever seen. i watched 30 mins of the match and that was enough for me. i went to play PS3.

taking 200 passes to get to the halfway line is not entertaining at all. and then when the stats show that they have 700+ passes complete at the end of the match people are wowed. like WTF.

watching wolves vs bolton would be a much more entertaining match than watching barca play football.

maybe its just the 2 of us that see it like that, but at least i know im not the only one.

Corepred43883d ago

I've been saying they play boring football since last seasons. I was immediately jumped on and beaten for not loving everything Barca, lol.

kulka3884d ago

Barca is really getting boring now they really need some competition.. They have like 70% of the ball every game so most of their games are completely one sided

Corepred43884d ago

Yeah and not the good kind of one sided. It's mostly back and defense passes.