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Chelsea flop Torres reveals despair over growing goal drought

Fernando Torres has revealed his anguish over his Chelsea goal drought, having been unable to score since mid-October.

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kulka3878d ago

Made a mistake living Liverpool but he really stopped playing well when Benitez left us. His tactics got the most out of Torres

goku323593878d ago

I have to admit, I really feel bad for Torres. You can tell he's trying his hardest to get the ball into the back of the net, but he still can't unfortunately... The media bringing him down every chance they get isn't helping either.

The_Devil_Hunter3878d ago

Dont worry Torres, youll be back. But not with Chelsea.

KingPin3878d ago

Torres needs to go back to spain. not permanently just on loan for a season. spend time with family, get his confidence back. but chelsea are too stupid to see this is what he needs. they forcing him to play in a team that doesn't suit his style at all.