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Highlights: Ajax 0-2 Manchester United ( Uefa Europa League - 16/02/12)

0-1 Young 59'
0-2 Hernandez 85'

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buddymagoo4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

Good performance with 5 players coming back from injury. Hope Valencia is ok.

jackbauer0034003d ago

Valencia is injured for four weeks Sir Alex said...Not good for us especially with spurs game in a couple of weeks :(

mcstorm4002d ago

I am worried about Valencia being out as Nani's for is not good enough at the moment to on the right wing. I hope Young gets his form back from the beginning of the season.

I just hope United can now keep up the run of winning games and Match City Match for Match now and take advantage on when they slip up.

buddymagoo4002d ago

Nani has been out for a month and his first game back gets an assist, that'll do for me!

ProjectVulcan4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

Eriksen was class once again. He is not among the quality of players he should be, he left Jones for dead at one point and thats not a slight on Jones who was always gonna struggle to catch up, its praise for Eriksen's composure.

Ferguson praised him after. Seemed to make it clear he is sniffing around. Would not mind at all if he was snapped up by United asap....could be perfect replacement for Giggs/Scholes at CM.

There are only a handful of other young central midfielders around that would be good enough to take United to another level, Wilshere, Lucas etc but this guy is the one that is seemingly the most likely to be available and he should be brought in before he ends up somewhere else and worth 50m in a few years. ...

Anderson84002d ago

he seems to be a good player i wasnt as impressed as i thought i would be but he could be class in a yr or two if he moves to a better club and gets playing time... wouldnt mind him at old trafford with goatze or hazard

DeLeTeDAcCoUnT_LOL3998d ago

@ Anderson8 WTF? ''and gets some playing time'' He has played all the games for Ajax in the league and is their no. 1 player.

Ranma13999d ago

I want you rag heads to go through to the semi final so you can face us, Man city

guigsy4003d ago

Can't tell you how good it is to see Cleverley back in the team. He controls the midfield and has an eye for a quality pass.

Infernostew4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

Didn't get a chance to watch the match since I was working but I'm so glad Young and Cleverly had such a great comebacks after injury. And the reds go marching on!