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Zlatan Ibrahimovic urges Robin van Persie to leave Arsenal in search of silverware

The Sweden international hailed AC Milan's Champions League display against the Gunners and reiterated he was right not to join Arsene Wenger's side in 2000

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Yi-Long3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

... instead of Zlatan, who's wasting his best years in the mediocre Serie A.

Corepred43870d ago

Just because almost all teams in the EPL are mediocre this year doesn't mean they are the best because of all the 'competition'. All EPL's top teams were taken were of quickly in the Champions League, including a 4-0 stomping of ARSENAL by none other than a 'mediocre Serie A' team . Just stop and open your eyes.

Van Persie's best option is to leave.

Yi-Long3870d ago

... worse than usual, except perhaps Spurs and Liverpool, and obviously Man City

Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal just aren't in their best form this season. That can happen.

Now, the 4-0 by AC Milan was great, especially their performance which was impressive considering they usually turn in quite mediocre performances, football-wise, but that certainly doesn't mean that now suddenly the Italian League is great. Far from it.

Gamer19823865d ago

Man City aren't performing either to be fair. Not since around Christmas. Serie A is good in its own right. People say this and that league is better but each league isn't better/worse they are just differn't. I would say though the bundesliga is boring as hell though.

krazykombatant3869d ago

Well it doesn't look like they're going to get that fourth spot in the top of the EPL. Soooo i would venture to say that he is better off to leave for another team.

However, Zlatan shouldn't talk much hes lucky people put up with his crap. Speaking of which what is his booked called, i remember an article months ago, which proved to be hilarious.