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Highlights: Liverpool 6-1 Brighton (FA Cup 5th Round 19/02/12)

1-0 5′ Martin Skrtel
1-1 17′ Kezenga Lualua
2-1 44′ (OG) Liam Bridcutt
3-1 57′ Andy Carroll
4-1 71′ (OG) Liam Bridcutt
5-1 75′ (OG) Lewis Carl Dunk
6-1 84′ Luis Suárez

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freeduck3749d ago

Good game, should give the players a little boost before going to Wembley. Liverpool might snatch the FA cup this year along with the league cup

kulka3749d ago

Double and top four would suit me :)

Anderson83749d ago

you'll get the carling.. the other two i dont see you getting tho

Gamer19823744d ago

I think you will get 1 cup but top 4 is gonna be tough for Liverpool if they don't keep there heads down. Too many silly defensive errors have cost them points this season.

kulka3743d ago

I think are defense had done fine, but our attack and the taking of chances is proving diffcult we lost or drawn games we should have put to bed by half time but this for some reason is a huge problem for Liverpool in the last few years despite playing very well in the big games.

Minimox163749d ago

I believe that the 4 goal should be counted for Gerrard, the ball was going to enter anyway. but great game overall, Downing and Jose Enrique a killer combination :D this match.

GJ233749d ago

Embarrassing for brighton. The 3 own goals would be bad enough but having Andy Carroll on the scoresheet? Humiliating on it's own

kulka3749d ago

Whether you like it or not Carroll is not even 23 yet he has plenty of time and he is getting better with every game now.

KingPin3749d ago

when rooney was 23 he was already in his stride. same for messi and ronaldo. heck, vidic, evra, beckham, gerrard, carragher, owen heck even torres were flourishing as players by the age of 23.

if carrol was a good player he would be on top of his game by now. he is mediocre at best. Newcastle cashed in on him just like liverpool cashed in on torres. half a good season really hyped him up and now that the hype has worn off everyone sees him for the player that he is.

only delusional liverpool fans who still think he is yet to peak think he is a good player.

Gamer19823744d ago

To be fair though nobodys saying Carroll is gonna be a world class player I dont think they ever have. However scoring against Brighton doesn't mean he's getting better. I think his last goal came against a minnow didn't it? He can't score in the premier league and thats the major issue. Then again it could be worse.. You could have Torres instead!

Sahil3749d ago

We're going to Wemblehhh!