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Highlights: Napoli 3-1 Chelsea (Champions League - 21/02/12)

0-1 27′ Juan Mata
1-1 39′ Ezequiel Lavezzi
2-1 45+2′ Edinson Cavani
3-1 65′ Ezequiel Lavezzi

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goku323593875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

I think we should all take a moment to say goodbye to AVB.

nix3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )


ProjectVulcan3875d ago

AVB inherited an aging team. Unfortunately i always considered it a massive mistake sacking Ancelotti. Ancelotti knew what squad he had, provided continuity, and would hopefully had a plan in place to bring in players and move the team on from the old guard.

AVB has come in and had little time to learn the side and see the gaps, identify the players he wants and build his own side.

Abramovich has brought about the downfall of the side he funded, with his meddling and removal of managers so the team has never had a proper plan to move forward.

Unfortunately, the owner can never be wrong. So the blame will lie with AVB and indeed, he could easily find himself out a job by the end of this season.

Personally i think he needs a full pre season, full transfer window and the backing to bring in at least 4 or 5 new faces.

If he still fails to improve Chelsea next season, then he would probably deserve the boot.

goku323593875d ago

Don't get me wrong, I would gladly give AVB another season to rearrange the team, but I think Roman's patience has reached it's limits. Who knows though, maybe Abramovich finally realized he sacked a perfectly good manager (Ancelotti) way too early, and he'll learn from his mistakes.

ProjectVulcan3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

Abramovich probably brought AVB in because he thought he could get an inexperienced young manager to dictate to. To control better and have less complaints about transfer dealings.

In essence i think Abramovich really wants to be the manager, but he would never admit it so he wants a figurehead, a puppet, that will go along with what he says.

AVB came in to a team that needed rebuilding and he will get the blame for Abramovich's meddling. The youngsters should have been in place several years ago to step up when the team finally went past its peak, but with the revolving door policy of managers it was never going to happen and now look- the club is damaged.

Not only that he can't just throw loads more money at it because of the Financial fair play regs. Too late.

Whatever happens now is going to take time to fix. So whoever is in charge at the opening of the transfer window, they need to stay there for a few years and build their team. Because it is going to take years now to fix this side.

asmith23063875d ago

I agree 100%. Sacking Ancelotti was a mistake. I don't think Roman has got it into his head yet that you can't buy the Champions League or get it in one season with a new manager. Sure look at City going out and all the money they have spent.

guigsy3875d ago

I think the players need to take a look at themselves as much as the manager. Drogba, Malouda and Meireles might as well not have turned up tonight.

Infernostew3875d ago

The real question is, Will he be sacked before the 2nd leg?

oli3875d ago

i hate how chelsea only plays at their best against the big teams. the only one who played great this match was mata.

krazykombatant3875d ago

wow, this this is shameful.

Mozilla893875d ago

Well at least we have more of a chance than Arsenal. I can see us winning 2 or 3-0 but I say it's more likely that Napoli are going to score at least one.

silvacrest3875d ago

yeah, i was thinking the away goal gives us a very slim chance but when was the last time we scored 2 or 3 goals with a clean sheet?

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The story is too old to be commented.