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Andre Villas-Boas Ready For Inter Milan, Rafael Benítez Tiped For Stamford Brigde

Unconfirmed reports from the Russian Billionaire camp suggests that Roman Abramovich is considering the option of terminating the young manager's contract as his patience has reached a very minimal level.

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XboxInnovation3876d ago

I actually think Rafa Benitez is a good choice for the Bridge. His tactics work with Torres' style, he has English experience and he has proven to do well in the Champions League. One thing is for sure, Villas-boas is not the guy for Chelsea.

krazykombatant3876d ago

yeah but lampard and ashley cole aren't even trying for him either. Outside of Benitez, how many other coaches of good quality are left out there? answer is non/not that many at the very best a handful. Torres is a done, I don't he can't score, I think its time to put him out into the pastures. By that I mean send him to the MLS.

XboxInnovation3876d ago

My choice would have been Martin O'neill at the beginning of the season. Too late now.

Gamer19823876d ago

Wenger will be manager of Chelsea if Arsenal don't make top 4 you heard it hear first! Arsenal are losing patience with him and with all his experience he could be Chelseas first choice.

krazykombatant3875d ago

@Gamer1982, i'm sorry how does wegner qualify over AVB?? hes not even in the top 4 and he obviously didn't have the encouragement needed for his team against AC milan.

@The_Devil_Hunter... don't even his broken and useless now. He might bounce back in another league for a couple of games but thats it. He just needs to be a bench player now.

proudly_X3876d ago

Ancelotti has always been the guy for Chelsea.. But R.A Screwed everthing.

The_Devil_Hunter3876d ago

Wow, your delusional kid. Torres still has it trust me, if Rafa goes to Chelsea its a certainty.