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New Umbro England 2012 Kit Is Delight to Behold

If truth be told we were not all that enamoured by Umbro’s last England effort, you know, the one that the media makes a point of repeating was only used on eight occasions by the national team. However this latest effort if top notch. We are really impressed by the stylish design of the new kit, especially the red second strip. The red badge on the white shirt is spot on and there is a kind of magisterial quality to the look and cut of both shirt and shorts. If you want to get hold of the shirt then visit to pre-order yours now.

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buddymagoo3735d ago

I just love the fact its trim is red! It's been a long time coming.

I'm sure us and the Liverpool fans will love it!

Corepred43733d ago

Always bugged me that England would wear blue. When I think of England I think of red and white. Exactly how this uniform is. Looks sharp.

johnsonbat3733d ago

Nice strip but won't make them play any better.

Corepred43733d ago

Don't remember anybody ever saying it would but okay...

FlashXIII3733d ago

The red away kit looks like a pajama top to me. Looks a little better than the last one but personally still think it's dull considering the actual cost of these things.

Jonnyquest3213733d ago

@Johnsonbat, kits aren't designed to make a team play better (Y)

mcstorm3732d ago

Wow another England kit its becoming a joke now on football kits. The red top looks quite nice but I'm still going to stick with the England white and black rugby top by Nike as they beat the football top hands down in design.