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Highlights: Manchester United 1-2 Ajax ( Uefa Europa League - 16/02/12)

1-0 Chicharito 6′
1-1 Aras Özbiliz 37
1-2 Toby Alderweireld 87′

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zeddy4003d ago

yup that was a terrible dive by rafa, difference is we admit it and arent delusional.

ChiVoLok04002d ago

I guess Ronaldo isn't the only one...

Corepred44002d ago

You act like no one in the world dives besides Ronaldo. smh and to his credit i haven't seen him dive in quit a while.


I love United but I honestly just wasted my whole evening watching a perfomance that looked like United were trying to say 'oh we can't be bothered, here Ajax here's the ball, you play'

zeddy4003d ago

same story in europe this season, totally out played once again at home. maybe theres too many young players on the pitch. as soon as scholes came on it was pretty much even. or maybe its the system, 4-4-2 doesnt really work in europe, teams just go to old trafford and dominate possesion in midfield.


Yeah and this whole thing where we decide to just sit back when we're winning has to STOP.

RedDevils4001d ago

Yeah I hated, how everytime we leading by 1 or 2 - 0 it seem like the players think they won already, and let the opposition get back into the game, this is not United I have known

ProjectVulcan4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

Tru dat. United really didn't seem to care enough and just let Ajax play. Was a very poor performance especially at home, to lose to Ajax at home is not good enough and really bring back memories of pish performances against Benfica and Basel at Old Trafford.

I do think that the team selection was to blame however, Ferguson did admit he probably got it wrong with the defensive personnel being too young and inexperienced. The average age of the back 5 was 21! Credit to him for taking the blame.

I think he will continue to field younger sides at home in this competition and scrape by if he can, sending out the experience on the away ties. I am not saying he doesn't want to win it, but maybe United won't get too serious unless they reached the semis.

You still could see his eye is on Sunday's league game with the selection, so it is clear he wants to keep tight to City and ensure automatic Champions league qualification is secured.

It was valuable experience for the kids though. De Gea is continuing to answer his critics as well.

mcstorm4002d ago

I agree with you about the team SAF picked was in experienced but I think United playing in the Europa league this year is a good thing because SAF is giving the new lads a chance to play 1st team football and get the experience in Europe. Yes the quality is not as good as the Champions league but a team like Ajax are not a poor team in anyway.

I know United got beat last night but I thought the team played well considering how young the team was plus I think it shows how good the next United team will be in 2 or 3 years when you look at that team sheet.

David De Gea, Fabio, Smalling, Rafael, Jones, Cleverley, Hernandez, Young, Nani, Welbeck are all still young and up and coming players. Also if you look at the players missing from last nights game Evera, Ferdinand, Vidic, Giggs, Carrick, Fletcher, Valencia, Owen and Rooney you can then see the difference in the 1st team and the lads that played last night. If you look at the Names above you have to say United still have a very sarong and experienced Squad.

Kos-Mos3998d ago

You don`t love United when you`re wasting your evening watching them on a bad day scum.

buddymagoo4003d ago

Shocking as it is! We don't have a god given right to win every game.

Infernostew4003d ago

Scored a goal and then pretty much parked the bus for the rest of the match. Really should've put the game away by the half but we kept giving them the opportunity to come back. Oh well, Bring on Athletico Bilbao!

Gamer19824002d ago

Should have done better but this kind of game is showing united doesn't have the depth that teams like City does thats all. I still expect the league to be tight all the way to the end as thats where they will play there best 11.

buddymagoo4002d ago

As usual clueless insight. Park, Nani, Cleverley, Jones Smalling Rafael, Fabio, Young coming back from injuries and Berba hadn't played in a while.

It was a game we could afford to lose in order to get games under players belts. With a full team do you expect the same result, no!

Gamer19824002d ago

im clueless? Its your team and your the clueless one. Your backups simply not good enough. Look at the team that won the away game completely different team. Your right in saying you could afford to lose and it and that proves my point doesn't it? I was paying them a compliment in a way but whatever you obviously know nothing about united or football and cannot see past your red tinted glasses. I have explained a million times to you uniteds first 11 are among the best in the world but outside them they have nobody that stands out. It's true otherwise you wouldn't have to bring players back from retirement to play.

buddymagoo4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

If you wasn't wearing your blue tinted goggles you would have seen the first goal started with a handball and the second was offside. Ajax were lucky.

I would much rather have our bench than yours which has been proven this season with us still being level with your team with all the injuries we have had. If you lost Silva, Aguero, Kompany and Hart your team would be F**ked and would not be in the position we are in.

Having to loan players after all the money you lot have spent Mancini should have been sacked! McCarthy could do a better job with the money you lot have spent! Arsene, Benitez and Mourinho would all have still been in the Champions League and probably get to the final if they had that money to spend.

Clueless again!

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