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Chelsea FC: Fernando Torres and the 8 Worst Players This Season

André Villas-Boas surely would be sacked if Chelsea somehow dropped points against 19th-placed Bolton Wanderers.

A 3-0 win against the second-worst defence in the league should be the minimum expected from Villas-Boas' side.
Even though his tactics and man-management have been disastrous, some of his players have displayed ineptitude of the highest order.

Here are the eight worst Chelsea players this season.

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--Onilink--3994d ago

both chelsea and torres should just realize they are not meant for each other... not every player fits well on every team, for another example look at kaka on real madrid...

Snakefist303994d ago

Kaka is playing 10 times better than torres!!!

--Onilink--3993d ago

im not comparing the skill of kaka and torres, my point is that for both of them, it doesnt seem like there is a real space in the team, kaka is not a man who should be on the bench and play just a couple of minutes each match

and as for torres, clearly chelsea's football style doesnt fit him, it certainly hasnt helped him get his level up, but he was/should be a really good player that might resurface on another team

oli3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

kaka does help real, i don't see what you're trying to say.

mourinho not playing him is another thing.

--Onilink--3993d ago

yeah, and kaka is someone that could be on the starting lineup of any other team, yet on real he is relegated to the bench, so i feel he could reach his before-injury levels faster if he plays on another team, same case with torres whose play style really doesnt fit with chelsea's

Gamer19823993d ago

This article is obviously wrote by some annoyed Chelsea fan.

FlashXIII3993d ago

LMFAO totally forgot Chelsea actually wasted 21m on David Luiz.. that's almost as bad as Liverpool spending 35m on Carrol.