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Highlights: Manchester City 3-0 Blackburn Rovers (English Premier League - 25/02/12)

30' Balotelli 1-0
52' Aguero 2-0
81' Dzeko 3-0

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Gamer19823864d ago

Blackburn had 5 shots all game with 1 on target. How did our red neighbours struggle against these guys let alone LOSE? City schooled them and it could have been more than 3 but Robinshon made some fantastic saves to make sure it wasn't. Anyway 5 points clear once again and all 3 strikers on the scoresheet which is great for there confidence a nightmare for Mancini when picking next week.


Yeah thank you for showing us how to beat the mighty Blackburn, I'm sure the United team were taking notes.

buddymagoo3864d ago

Doesn't matter what you win as you can tell by this article, no one is interested.

b163o13864d ago

United fans are beginning to panic, they haven't been in this position in a long time (City leading United). If we do hold on to first and bring to trophy to the Blue half of Manchester, United fans will scream "City bought there trophy". United's major concern should be how are going complete with us for the next 5yrs. You guys are looking a little old.... Lol

buddymagoo3864d ago


19-2, that is all!

Gamer19823864d ago

Yep your right they will say we bought the title not realising they been buying it for years as they only have 2 homegrown players in there team and have for many years now and so have City! (Richards is a first teamer that plays most games, not one united home grown player plays more games than him)

buddymagoo3864d ago

Yeah we bought the treble with players like Beckham, Butt, P. Neville, Scholes, Brown, G. Neville, Giggs. You will never be able to do that with Academy players.

Clueless insight again! Get your blue tinted goggles off!

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kulka3864d ago

City are very good this year scoring a lot of goals and don't concede to many I think they will edge United for the title

b163o13864d ago

Finally someone actually admitting we can win the EPL this year, that's not a City fan. United fans seem to post on City pages then there United pages

Kudos to this man...


He's a Liverpool fan, I'm pretty sure it's against his religion to want Man Utd to win anything. By the way there is nothing wrong with commenting on any team's pages aslong as it isn't trolling.

Gamer19823864d ago

yeah whatever helps you sleep at night cybersnake you united fans have an excuse for everything..


What excuse?...

You always find room to have a dig at United in every single one of your comments and I said earlier this season that I won't comment on City buying the league if they win it and I stick by it.

This title race is obviously going to be decided at the Etihad Stadium on April 30 when the two teams meet so why don't you hold your gloating till then.

b163o13864d ago

Ahhhh yes 4/30, this is going to be a Great Game. I already know someone on United is getting a red card, it happened 2 out of the last 3 matches. I'll have to have this day off. I only hope It's shown state side, I hate watch games on the internet.
6-1 in are last match, I'm think 3-0 this match


RedDevils3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

Are you forgetting your buddy Citeh fans are mainly appear on a United article? Please take off your Sunglasses because it cover your damn eyes

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