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Crisis at Chelsea & Inter imploding ... but Mourinho's transfer policy is not to blame

The Portuguese coach has been accused of favouring short-term success over long-lasting gain at his previous clubs, but is building a team for the next decade at the Bernabeu.

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Corepred43872d ago

LOL they're trying to blame Mourinho for Chelsea and Inter playing poorly! LMAO
It has been slow in football news lately.

KingPin3871d ago

why dont they look at the current chelsea team since jose left and see how many new players are in that squad. <almost all the old players are still there> and how many coaches have they had since him, like 5?

At inter he didnt spend millions like at chelsea. he bought couple players and made it work.

and at Real, he didnt buy any of the expensive players. Kaka, Ronaldo, Benzema were all there when he arrived.

i honestly think if he was still at chelsea, they would be a force in the EPL now. up there with the status as Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United.