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Ronaldo's incredible back heel goal

Cristiano Ronaldo (alongside Lionel Messi) is now playing a different game to everyone else in the world.

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jony_dols3738d ago

Not so sure it's a great goal, but it's a good one nonetheless. I think he just back-heeled it into the box and hoped for the best.

buddymagoo3738d ago

It is a goal that is rare, different and brave. I would class that as great.

johnsonbat3739d ago

Have to hand it to him, that was incredible.

GanjaMan3739d ago

Only went in cause most la liga teams are wank, if that was in epl that woudbt have gone in + the goalkeeper and defenders just watched te ball travel 10 yards and just stood there an watched!

Corepred43739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Yeah man keep praising the EPL. Even though it's pretty much the same as La Liga now. Everyone sucks except for Man U and City, this year anyway.

And you say it like the other team wouldn't have stopped the ball if they could have reacted fast enough. They just weren't expecting a back heel is all.

buddymagoo3739d ago

Back heel v Aston Villa in the EPL

Although I agree the EPL is a better league to watch then any other, as proven by Arsenal v Tottenham this weekend and La liga only has one game to watch.

Grap3739d ago

haahaha La la la liga is the same as EPL

asmith23063738d ago

La Liga has two teams, Madrid and Barce and thats never going to change. EPL has more competitive teams.

The_Nameless_One3738d ago

It's nice living in a dreamworld where everything you say makes sense to you and you alone.

I know, I know, It's everyone else who are at fault....

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KingPin3739d ago

"the goalkeeper and defenders just watched te ball travel 10 yards and just stood there an watched!"

they were mesmerized. :P

krazykombatant3739d ago

and yet all the epl teams are nearly out the door in the champions league. Go troll somewhere else.

HxCGamer3738d ago

all epl teams will be out of the cl by next wednesday, and when it comes to it, the bundesliga for me is the most entertaining to watch... although i cant lie i never saw that arsenal-tottenham match ending like it did.

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Nes_Daze3739d ago

Wait what? "If" it were in a different league that it "would've" not been a goal? That's such crap, lol. Anyway, again we fall into the which league is better discussion. My favorite games are the classicos, the EPL is entertaining but so is the italian league every once and a while.

listenkids3739d ago

A goal based on luck, "incredible"? no, he clearly doesn't plan it, he doesn't consider looking, it's pure luck plan and simple, decent but yeah, not incredible.

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