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Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas says he is unsure if he has Roman Abramovich's support

Andre Villas-Boas has for the first time publically expressed his fears that he can no longer be sure he has the backing of Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich and conceded that he might be sacked in the same way as his predecessor Carlo Ancelotti.

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krazykombatant3866d ago

All he has to do is survive this season in the top 4 and he should have a job for next season.

RufustheKing3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

Carlo got the number 2 spot and got sacked. Roman is more Mob boss than a football club owner and acts too much like the former. Shoot'em in the back of the head first. Bury'em in a shallow grave, then ask the questions.

mcstorm3866d ago

The biggest problem chelsea have is that they now have an ageing squad and when they should of been bringing in a mix of young players to go with the experienced players they did not. Look at all the United teams SAF has made throughout the time at united and its been a mix of youth and experience and this is part of the reason they have been there and there about for 20 odd years.

Owners who have money to throw away are like spoilt kids who want to win everything but they want the success yesterday. The owner will now start to lose his interest in chelsea and they will start to slip down the table as they need money spending on them again.

I dont think AVB should be sacked as he has come into a old team and not had chance to bring in and work with the players he wamted. Owners need to remember it took saf 5 years to pickup his 1st cup for united.

But what is happening to chesea os going to happen to city too down the line and although at the moment is is nice having two manchester teams fighting for the league i think the money side of football need to stop and very quick before it spoils the game as to me it is starting to look like the english football games is going the same way english ice hockey went in the early 2000s when alot of the big name teams wet bust. Yes i know ice hockey in the uk has never been the sae size as football or had as much money involved as football dose but anyone who watched the super league will know what i mean with teams like Manchester storm, bees, steelers, london knights, aye scottish eagles ect all fell with a bang and i can see the same happening with the premier league.

goku323593866d ago

I think that if AVB is still manager of Chelsea come next season, we can take that as a sign that he will be here to stay (unless Chelsea has another piss-poor season of course)